Better When He's Bad (Welcome to the Point 1) - Page 41

She was creamy and fluttery, all greedy inner muscles and clasping hands that were raking over my short hair. She was practically bowed up off the bed, her clit throbbing against my tongue every time I detoured to torture her with it. I could feel she was ready to go over the edge, she was moaning and restless against my mouth. I should push her over and eat her up, but I decided I needed to feel her, needed to be inside her when it happened. She was like some kind of redemption I never even realized I needed until we collided into each other’s lives.

I kissed her hard as I fumbled in the drawer of the bedside table for the stash of condoms I had tossed in there just in case. She kissed me back and twined her arms around my neck so we were plastered together, chest to chest and thigh to thigh. She was pressing against me, eager to get hers, which was hot on so many different levels. The fact that I could make this girl as greedy for me as I was for her was intoxicating.

“Come for me, little Dove.” I pressed all the way into her as she arched up hard against me and coiled her legs around me. Her mouth opened in a perfect little O of pleasure and those darkened eyes of hers danced between green and black as pleasure washed over the both of us. She was slick and soft where I was hard and hot. We burned against each other, melded in a rhythm that had her inner walls grasping at me and my hips involuntarily grinding into hers. It wasn’t frantic, but it was close. I wanted to be gentle with her, but there was no way—she felt too good, too tight and clasping.

We moved together like we were made to do it. All I wanted to do was make her feel as good as I felt, which wasn’t that much of a chore because she was already primed and ready to go. She tossed her head from side to side and dug her fingers into my sides.

“Jesus, Shane.” Her eyes fluttered closed and I kissed her right as she broke apart underneath me. I could taste the pleasure, the satisfaction I had given her on her tongue as it twisted and danced with my own.

I picked up the pace, was probably rougher with her than I needed to be, but it only took a minute after she found her release for me to find mine. I groaned into the hollow of her throat and buried my face in her endless fall of hair. I don’t know if this was what her intention had been when she ambushed me in the living room, but I had to admit I was a fan.

Her hand caressed my sweaty shoulders and I felt her trace the letters of my name that stood between my shoulder blades. She was rubbing the bottom of her foot up and down the length of my calf and I never wanted to move, ever.

“I changed my mind, Bax.” Her voice was raspy and she sounded as sated as I felt.

“Hmm . . . ’bout what?”

I started to suck on the ridge of her collarbone where my mouth had landed. All parts of her were like candy on my tongue.

“You don’t need anyone to show you how to be good, you’re so much better when you’re bad.”

She sighed in delight when I moved away from her neck and started to kiss behind her ear. Lucky for her I had no intentions of trying to be good anytime soon. Bad was what I was best at, it was what worked for me, and after that bout of sex, I was pretty sure Dovie could make bad work for her as well.



IT WAS THURSDAY AFTERNOON and the restaurant was dead. Brysen kept giving me looks as we stocked the tables and I kept ignoring them. My week had been a blur of activity. On Tuesday, I had to work and Bax had strong-armed me into letting him replace my schoolbooks. I thanked him for it all night long. On Wednesday, I had class, which was nice because I needed some breathing room from Bax. At this rate, I was going from sexual amateur to pro overnight with no room for me to catch my breath or process it while it was happening. Bax was out running around on Wednesday night, so I had told him I would just crash with Brysen. I thought he was okay with that until I got a call at three in the morning telling me he was outside my friend’s house and I had two minutes to get my ass out and into the car. I wanted to ignore him, wanted to make him stand out there and feel bad for dictating to me, but I didn’t. I was in the car and back at the house and under him all in less than twenty minutes. He just took everything over, and as much as I didn’t like it and was scared spitless by it, I couldn’t seem to stop it from happening either.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

Brysen pulled out one of the empty chairs at the table I was restocking and I was forced to look at her.

“You disappeared in the middle of the night with a guy I watched snap another guy’s arm in half with his bare hands and you don’t think I’m going to worry? Who is this guy, Dovie? More importantly, who is he to you? Because ever since he came on the scene, you haven’t been acting like yourself.”

My hair was back in a ponytail for work, so I couldn’t play with it like I did when I was nervous.

“I told you, he’s going to find Race.”

“When? It’s almost been a month and Race hasn’t made an appearance. I know you’re sleeping with him. Are you sure he isn’t just leading you on so he can get a piece of ass without having to work for it?”

It was a valid question, but Bax wasn’t the kind of guy who had to work very hard in order to get laid.

“It’s not like that, Brysen.”

“Then tell me what it’s like, Dove, because I’m worried about you.”

I sighed and pulled out a chair next to her. I propped my chin on my hand and looked her dead in the eye.

“I want him, Brysen.”

“Well, duh, he’s a babe. All guys with that wrong-side-of-the-law swagger are, but you’re smart enough to know he’s dangerous and that nothing with him is going to be permanent.”

“I am, but it doesn’t seem to matter. He just looks at me and everything inside me heats up, and if he touches me, it all boils over. I feel like I’m addicted to him or something. I know he’s bad for me, but I don’t care.”

“Dovie . . .” Her tone was warning. “You need to stop whatever it is you’re doing with him before you’re too far in. Wanting someone is different than needing them, and there is no way in hell you need anything that guy is carrying around. Stay with me until Race shows—or better yet, get the hell out of town until all of this blows over.”

I bit my bottom lip and just shook my head in the negative. I didn’t want to leave the Point, and not only because my brother was still out there somewhere.

“I can’t.” And she was wrong. When Bax got distracted and forgot to be Bax, all the things Shane brought to the table I very well could need from this point on. Bax made me crazy and sent my control out the window. Shane made my heart hurt and made the foolish, girly part of me want to make everything in his life better; make him forget five years of his life had been wasted behind bars.