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Adora gasped, holding him tight.

“You have no idea what I have in store for you,” he said. “I pride myself on being the best in everything I do.” He began to fuck her with his fingers, his thumb teasing her clit. The sound of her wet folds was the only sound in the room besides their heavy breathing. When he slid one of his moist fingers into her asshole, she jerked, the explosion of sensation startling her.

“How long should I tease you?”

“Stop,” she said. “I can’t take any more.”

“You’re ready for me?”

“Yes,” she practically shouted the word. The man was wicked, teasing her to the point of insanity. When he shifted his weight to one side, grabbing the root of his cock, some of her bravery slipped away. He was well hung, and she’d never had a man.

He ran the smooth head of his cock along her slick folds, over and over, hitting her sensitive clit with each pass. When she began to writhe, he pushed in an inch. Adora gasped, more from satisfaction than the shock of fullness. He kissed her closed eyes, her cheeks, then her lips. Then more inches pushed inside her.

“You’re so tight, Adora.” He grunted, showing exactly how much restraint he was using. “I love your pussy.”

“More,” she said.

Tobias growled. He was losing his precious control, and didn’t stop until he was fully seated, his entire dick stretching her. The moment was surreal, bonding, perfect. She’d never felt so full in all her life, no cell left unstimulated.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked.

She shook her head, looking up at him as he brushed her hair back. Adora wanted to ask him how he could separate sex from love, because the two felt like one and the same.

“Good girl.” He slowly pulled his hips back, his big cock rubbing along her inner walls before he pushed back in. He kept moving slowing, rhythmically, the pressure building towards another release. It was so much better with Tobias inside her, claiming her. His skin was hot, a sheen of sweat covering his back, and his hard muscles tensed. She wrapped her legs around him, prodding him with her heels, needing more. “Careful, baby. I’m trying to go easy.”

“I want you,” she barely managed to say. “Please.” Adora didn’t care that she was begging. She was beyond any rational thought.

He pushed up on his arms, his cock still inside her. Tobias looked down at her. “If you want more, I’ll give it to you. Just ask.” He lowered his head for a moment to kiss her lips. “I love having you in my bed. In my life.”


Why couldn’t he love her?

Tobias lowered his push-up until they were skin to skin. He began to pump his hips faster, and the speed increased the pleasure tenfold. The longer he pistoned into her body, the more feral he became. He was a beast in bed, better than Katerina’s depiction. His stamina was unreal, the entire bed rocking as he fucked her.

“Oh God,” she cried out, the beautiful pressure nearly reaching the breaking point.

“I’m going to fill you with my cum, baby. Make you mine.”

She clawed his back as her orgasm hurtled to the finishing line. He picked up the pace, and she exploded. The powerful waves rocked her body, her pussy squeezing Tobias’s cock. She felt the moment his came, his hot cum filling her.

A few moments later his weight dropped over her briefly, before he rolled to the side. “You were worth the wait, Adora.” He draped an arm over his forehead, his chest still heaving.

Her orgasmic bliss wouldn’t allow her to worry about anything beyond the perfect moment they were in, but this was the time she’d been terrified of. Once he got what he wanted, would everything change?

She attempted to sit up, but he was quick to pin her down. “What are you doing?”

“You need to stay still for a while, let nature do its thing.”

Right. The baby.

This wasn’t what she expected getting pregnant would be like. It felt more like a business deal or science experiment than the happy family she’d dreamt of. “I doubt I’ll get pregnant after one night.” Then she tested him. “Maybe you won’t get me pregnant at all.” If she couldn’t give him a baby, she had no purpose in his life.

“Is that a challenge?” He narrowed his eyes playfully. “Get ready for lots of practice.”

Chapter Eight

Tobias stared down at his beautiful woman. Adora was passed out, and he couldn’t blame her. He’d taken her enough times last night that she had to be sore. Her pussy was perfection, so tight, so wet. All he had to do was touch her, and she melted in his arms. She was responsive, eager, and refreshing.

There was no doubt in his mind. He’d picked the right woman. Pushing some of her hair off her face, he couldn’t wait to see her pregnant, so full and ripe with his kid. His cock began to harden again, but instead of waking her, he ignored the urge. Her pussy wasn’t used to taking a cock so often, so he wouldn’t be fucking her today, even though he wanted to. Being inside Adora was like going to heaven. He didn’t ever want to stop.

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