Bred by the Billionaire - Page 15

“Put her name down. At least then she’ll know,” Tobias said.

She gritted her teeth, and stared at Feswick.

“I’ll put your name forward for both.” Feswick glanced at his watch. “I must dash. I’ve got to be home for tea. My wife has plans. Enjoy your weekend.”

Feswick adored his children and his wife. He was always telling the class little stories, and she knew she wasn’t the only one that adored her professor.

“He’s an interesting man.”

She turned toward the man that had her torn in many different directions. “Why did you insist on putting my name forward?”

“Why did you insist on not having it put forward?” he asked, staring at her.

The identity of her father was a secret. She intended to keep it that way.

“Did you forget we had a dinner date?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No. I didn’t realize our date would be this early.”

“I like to get dinner out of the way. We have more important things to get down to.”

The wicked glint in his eye let her know exactly what he was talking about. Sex. He was going to be taking her virginity tonight.

“I’ve got to change,” she said, glancing down at her jeans and shirt. She tried not to think about her nerves or her excitement about the coming night.

“You’ll more than do.”

“This won’t be accepted in a restaurant.”

“Then we’ll stop over at one of the shops. We’ll get you more suited.” He placed a hand at her back, and guided her toward his car. Once at the door, she stopped, and turned toward him.

“You were jealous.”

“Excuse me?”

“You saw me talking to my professor, and you were jealous.”

“I don’t believe in jealousy, never have. You’re very much mistaken.”

“You couldn’t stand me talking to him.” She smiled. Jealousy was a good thing. Well, not really a good thing, but it meant that he could at least feel something. “I’m not the kind of woman that screws her professors to get grades.”

He stared at her. “You’re aware that there are women who don’t feel that way, right?”

“Of course I’m aware. I’ve heard of them, and I tend to steer clear of the professors who like to do such a thing.” She stared at him. “You should know. Like you said, you go golfing with some of them.”

She climbed into the car, allowing that piece of news to simmer inside him. He closed the door, and she waited as he rounded the car.

Tobias climbed inside, and she didn’t even have time to admire the décor. This wasn’t like the limo he’d taken her inside the other day. Did he have a new car for each day of the week?

“Have any of your professors propositioned you?”

“No. Like I said, I avoid them. I’ve earned my grades with hard work, not because I’ve given away my body.”

Tobias ran a hand down his face, and she wondered what he was thinking, what he was feeling. Had she finally gotten to him, or was it just an illusion? Was he putting a little show on for her to think that she was getting to him?

He confused her all the time.

From the first touch on her body, she couldn’t seem to shake the feelings he inspired inside her, nor did she want to.

He turned over the ignition of the car, and they pulled away from the college campus, heading back into the city.

“If any professor ever tries anything, anything at all, you tell him no, and you call me immediately, do you understand?” he asked.

“I do.”

Had she gotten to him? He didn’t speak for several moments just driving his car.

“How was your day?” she asked.


She smiled. He may not like it, but she hoped that she was getting underneath his skin just like he was hers. It would only be fair for the two of them.

He pulled up outside a very expensive designer boutique, and her nerves hit her once more.

She didn’t belong here.

Chapter Five

Tobias couldn’t wait to spend his money on Adora. Most of the women he dated were only after his wallet, so it was refreshing to spend time with a sweet girl. My girl. He led her into the boutique, ready to spoil her before their date. Her clothes were cheap, and he wanted to see her wearing the very best. The mother of his child wouldn’t want for anything.

“You don’t have to buy me clothes, Tobias. I can go home quickly to change, or wear what I have on,” she said, stalling at the entryway.

He shook his head. “Not happening.”

Her reluctance was uncanny. He practically had to drag her into the shop. As soon as they entered, she dug her heels in and looked around with a childlike wonder.

“There’re chandeliers,” she said, barely above a whisper.

She was getting under his skin. How could she be so fucking adorable and sexy at once?