Bred by the Alpha - Page 5

Coffee wasn’t something he really enjoyed, but the chance to see Rebecca again was too hard to pass up. Besides, they were heading to a place that had seats outside, and he didn’t like being in buildings, especially with humans. The scent of them often annoyed and irritated him, driving his wolf crazy. She wanted him to bring Alphie as well.

“When you’re mated you’ll understand. We all want them to be happy and to give them whatever their hearts desire,” Ben said.

Liam smiled. “I get it. I do.”

“You know, I think I like crazy, brooding Liam a lot more. I’m used to him. Are you getting laid?”

He sighed. “Look, I’ve got a date, and I like this woman.”

“Who is it?”

“You don’t know her.”

“She’s not part of the pack?”


“A casual hookup?”

He snarled, hating the thought of any man considering Rebecca a casual thing.

Whoa, down, boy!

“Wow, I’ve never known you to have a reaction like that. Are you okay?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know, but until we know exactly what is going on, don’t refer to Rebecca as anything other than her name.” He’d been known these past fifty years to be in complete control. Even as a young one, his wolf had never taken control of him.

He’d been one of the few wolves within the pack that showed zero emotion, and his wolf constantly stayed at bay until he needed him.

This was the first time that he hadn’t been in control.

“Are you sure having coffee is a good idea?”

“I think so. I want some coffee.”

“You hate coffee,” Ben said.

Liam was fast growing bored with his best friend. He wasn’t used to feeling so fucking desperate to get out of his home. This was his sanctuary.

“Could you stop with the third degree already? And for the record, the dining room table is for eating on, not for fucking your woman.”

He saw Ben’s cheeks heat.

“I’ve seen way too much of your, Eli’s, and Jake’s asses. That table is for when I have a mate so that I can fuck her on it, not you, not your mates, mine. Now, do you think you can stick to your bedrooms tonight?”

He didn’t give Ben time to answer. Leaving his home, he whistled for Alphie, and smiled as his dog trotted toward him. He really did love this guy.

“You ready to go and meet our girl?” he asked.

Alphie cocked his head to the side.

“Yeah, you understand me, don’t you? Always could.” He kissed the top of his dog’s head. “I could really use the walk, but I know that’s going to look weird. Especially when I bring her back here one day. Don’t want to freak her out too much just yet. We’re taking the jeep.” Alphie whined. “I know, boy. I know. I want to walk, too. We’ve got to look a little normal to my female. Don’t want her thinking I’m a bit weird before we’ve even got there. Now, remember, if it looks like I’m screwing up, you’ve got to do that adorable thing. Remember, roll over, show your belly.”

He laughed as Alphie did just that. “Good boy. Come on then, let’s go.”

Whistling to himself, he made his way over to his jeep, opened the door, and waited for Alphie to climb up before jumping in himself. He rarely used the jeep as he preferred to walk in the open forest, to enjoy the nature surrounding him.

Being in a metal can didn’t exactly help ease any of his anxiety. Starting up his jeep, he put it in reverse, and followed the main path away from the house, moving toward the dirt path that would lead him to the main road.

Once on the road, he lowered the window down, and inhaled the fresh air that was invaded by the fumes of the car. This was another reason he hated the damn car.

“Enough with the miserable talk. Get over your shit. Come on, she doesn’t want to meet brooding Liam.”

Before they had parted the other night, Rebecca had given him her phone number, and he’d done the same. He’d been staring at his phone all day, wanting to make a date with her but worried that he’d be screwing it up, or doing something that wasn’t conventional. In his world, the men chased after the women, but after seeing a few modern-day movies, he’d discovered that the women of the world liked to chase after men.

He didn’t like it, not one bit, but he was willing to try it.

So, when Rebecca had called, he’d been fucking ecstatic.

Pushing his foot on the gas, he checked the time and saw that he was going to be twenty minutes early. He didn’t mind being early. It would give him time to think, to get accustomed to his surroundings. As he pulled into the small town, he saw the sign for the coffee shop where she wanted to meet. There was a parking bay across from the shop, and he stopped the jeep in one of the spots. Alphie jumped out, and together they crossed the empty road. The scent of vanilla filled his senses, and there she sat, her cell phone between her fingers.