Bred by the Alpha - Page 20

It wasn’t enough.

He needed to be closer to her.

Releasing her hands, he wrapped his arms around her so that they were body to body. He’d never felt anything this strong before, nor this fast. It should terrify him, but it didn’t. In fact, it made him so fucking happy.

He’d finally found her. The one that was his woman.

“Please, Liam,” she said.

“You want my cum, baby? You want me to fill your pussy?”


He claimed her lips as he fucked her hard, going as deep as she could take him. Her nails scored his back, and his wolf within him howled in pleasure. They wanted her marks, to wear them like a fucking badge of pride. She belonged to him, and they were going to treat her with so much love. She’d never want for anything.

He’d make sure of it.

This was why his friends were the way they were. They had something to fight for. She was fucking everything to him and more.

They would be bound together for all eternity.

Liam thrust inside her one final time, feeling his seed pulse as it filled her body.

I want a baby.

I want a wife.

I want everything.

He wanted it all with this woman in his arms. He’d never had anything precious to him before, but now he did, and he didn’t want to lose that. He loved her more than anything.

Pushing some of her hair off her face, he smiled down at her.

“Hey, beautiful,” he said.

“That was amazing. I don’t know what came over me. I just felt something overwhelming, and I needed you.”

“How do you feel now?”

“So much better.” She cupped his cheek. “I love being with you. It’s like everything else falls away and I don’t have to worry anymore.”

“You’ll never have to worry again.” He stroked her cheek. “You can always rely on me, Rebecca. Always.”

“I’m not like other women. I’m not normal.”

“Normal is overrated, and I’m not here for other women, Rebecca. I’m here for you.”


This was a big mistake. Rebecca tried to think of something, any excuse that would stop the car, and make him turn around so that she could go back home. Home to her perfectly ordered world that didn’t have any other family. Where for a few short minutes she could pretend to be like other people and not have any issue.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.


“You’re fidgeting like mad, and I know you’re lying.”

“How do you know that?”

“I just know.”

She’d noticed he seemed to have a sense of something, whenever she was upset or annoyed, or even worried. In the past couple of days, she’d gotten used to him being around the house. He’d stayed, and they’d made love, had sex, and ordered takeout food because neither of them wanted to be away from the other long enough to cook.

These feelings she had for him were entirely foreign to her. She didn’t even know if they were normal, if this feeling of needing to be with him all the time was natural. Not only that, each time they had sex, she had this overwhelming desire for him to come within her. To mark her. Clearly, all the years of editing books were starting to get to her.

She knew it would happen.

The lonely nights.

All the secret fantasies she had.

It all would lead to a moment when she finally had a boyfriend that she’d just explode with need.

Well, it had happened, and now she was so embarrassed. Even though she didn’t want to go and meet his family, her body needed him. Holding his hand didn’t exactly help matters as she knew just how good it felt for him to touch her, to stroke her, to be inside her. They were both insatiable, and one glance at his cock, and she saw that he was having the same kind of trouble. His cock pressed against the front of his jeans, and she wanted him inside her once again.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early to, you know, meet your friends?”

“I wanted you to also see my place. My friends will be there as well. We can ignore them though.”

She tucked some hair behind her ear, not really liking that idea. Not liking it at all. She was so nervous. What if they didn’t like her? What if they hated her? She didn’t want Liam to choose between her or his friends. That would be wrong.

Why are you panicking?

Stop being weird right now.

They’d already started down the long trek of forest. She’d heard a lot of rumors about these places and wolves attacking hikers. She was of the mind that the forest was a wolf’s habitat and anyone who invaded it kind of got what was coming to them. If someone invaded her home, she’d be so pissed. She also had a large baseball bat in case something like that ever happened. Of course, it hadn’t yet, but she liked to be prepared for everything that might happen.