A SEAL's Fantasy - Page 32

He’d never put a face to the fantasy.

But looking at Lara, he knew he’d never have it again without seeing her.

“Um, the other shower didn’t have shampoo,” she said, wetting her lips.

Dominic almost groaned.

Sex with Lara once could be called a mistake.

A bad judgment call.

He was a man who prided himself in knowing the right thing to do. For himself, for others.

The right thing, right now, would be to apologize, turn around and get the hell out of the room.

He knew it.

If this was anyone else, he’d be smacking him upside the head and telling him to move his ass before he stepped into FUBAR land.

But this wasn’t anyone else.

It was him.

And it was Lara.

His fantasy woman.



Lara was grateful that whoever owned this cabin had splurged on ultraplush towels. Because the terry cloth and her fingers were the only thing hiding her nipples’ instantaneous reaction to the look in Castillo’s eyes.

She’d figured he’d be gone longer.

She’d scarfed down a couple of handfuls of Cheerios, explored the place from end to end to make sure there was no evidence that bears had entered. Then she’d realized she was exhausted. Unwilling to collapse without a shower, she’d picked the bigger one for no other reason than it felt good.

“I didn’t expect you back this soon,” she told him, wishing he’d quit staring like that. If he didn’t, she was seriously afraid she’d be tossing the towel aside and jumping his body in fifteen seconds. She noted the heat in his blue gaze and swallowed. Maybe fewer than fifteen.

“I felt bad about leaving you here,” he finally said. His words were husky as he stepped farther into the room. He stopped next to the bed. A huge mattress covered in ocean-blue silk, it suddenly seemed like a glowing beacon screaming jump on and ride.

Castillo shrugged out of his coat, letting the leather drop to the floor without a glance.

Lara almost took a step back, then automatically stopped. She knew better than showing any sign of weakness. But all she could think of was how good it had been. Had it only been that morning? It seemed like forever—and ten seconds ago—that he’d made her explode with pleasure.

Her body craved more.

Her mind warned against it.

Lara was torn.

Castillo stepped closer.

“Sex is a bad idea,” she murmured.

“Then let’s be bad,” he said with a husky laugh, tossing the challenge she’d issued the last time back in her face. Then, upping the game, he added, “I’ll make bad so good for you.”


She melted.

Her resistance.

Her reluctance.

Her thighs.

They all turned to mush at the look in his blue eyes.

Good or not, Lara knew they shouldn’t.

Anything done once could be written off as a mistake. Oopsie.


That was flipping life’s warning system the bird.

That meant when the repercussions hit—and they would—the no-whining allowed rule was in effect. She’d have to graciously accept whatever paybacks she was dealt.

She watched Dominic’s fingers move over the buttons of his shirt, each one revealing a little more of that silky golden skin.

Her throat was so dry she had to swallow twice to wet it. She couldn’t remember any of the logical reasons to hold on to her towel. She knew there were some—probably great ones.

She wet her lips and took a deep breath as Castillo dropped his shirt to the floor.

Okay, fine.

Life, gracious acceptance was in effect.

With that promise, Lara did the only thing she could.

She dropped her towel, spread her arms and said, “Let’s go, big boy.”

Anticipation swirled, heat danced over Lara’s skin as Castillo held up one hand, keeping her from moving until he’d looked his fill.

His eyes were fire as they skimmed from the top of her wet hair, over her bare face and down.

Down, down, down.

Her nipples beaded.

Hot moisture pooled between her thighs.

It was as if her body was on fire.

Hot, flaming tongues of desire licked over her skin.

And he hadn’t even touched her yet.

“You’re so gorgeous,” he murmured, stepping closer.

Close enough that she could feel the heat radiating off his body.

Close enough that she could reach out and touch.

Since she’d accepted that she’d be paying a price, and acknowledged that she’d accept it, whatever it was, Lara wanted to relish every drop of pleasure this affair had to offer for as long as it lasted.

“You know what we missed last time,” she mused, sliding her fingers over his chest. So hard, yet so soft. She followed the dusting of black hair down to his waistband, then tucked her fingers behind his zipper and tugged him closer.

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