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She grinds her pussy against my mouth when my tongue hits her pink heat. I thrust my tongue in, moaning at the delicious taste of her sex. Her opening is so tight, so small, that my tongue barely fits in. I can’t imagine how it’s going to feel clamped around my big dick.

I suck up her sweet hot juices and drag my tongue all over her cunt, not missing one centimeter of it. I want to taste all of her. Every nook and cranny. Inside every fold.

She moans and grips onto the table as I find her clit with my tongue and give it a few flicks. I found her spot…

Whimpers start squeaking out of her as I wrap my lips around her clit and suck it as I slide a couple fingers into her tight hole.

She’s so soft. So wet. Even with her pussy all slick and ready, it’s still insanely tight on my fingers. I can’t wait to thrust my cock deep inside her, taking her virginity and claiming it for myself. Taking it for all of eternity.

I pull back to take another look at her, but I can’t last more than a couple of seconds before I’m diving back in, devouring her once again. She tastes too damn good to stop.


I suck on her pussy lips and drag my tongue through her folds. I’m eating her out relentlessly, hungrily, savagely. She starts convulsing on the table and giving me whimpers and little cries that make my cock throb even harder.

I can’t close my eyes as I taste her. The view is too damn good. My eyes are wide open and focused on her tight little asshole, on her bare back, on her blonde ponytail that bobs with every jerk of her head.

I’m still in shock that I’ve found the girl for me. This is her. I don’t want anyone else.

This is the first pussy I’ve ever had and I know it’s going to be the last. I don’t care if I live to a hundred. She’s the only one I want.

I’ll lick and suck and fuck this pussy for a hundred years and never get tired of it. I’ll never get tired of her.

Her asshole is tempting me something fierce. I moan as I drag my greedy tongue up her slit and over it. She shivers as I play with it, tonguing it and drawing circles around it with the tip of my tongue.

It’s not long before I dive back down into her wet heat and drink up the fresh batch of juice her pussy leaks out.

“You called me to save you, Hazel,” I growl between licks. “And that’s what I’m going to do. You’re mine now.”

She whimpers as she presses her cunt against my mouth.

“Tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours,” she gasps without any hesitation.

“That’s right you fucking are. After I get this sweet pussy off, I’m going to get you off. I’ll get those charges dropped as fast as you dropped your panties for your man.”

“Ohh,” she moans, her pussy dripping out sweetness more than ever.

“I’m going to show you how a real man treats his girl. How he takes care of her cunt. How he takes care of her. You’re in good hands with me, Hazel.”

“I know,” she gasps. “Touch me with those good hands. Please.”

I start fingering her cunt as I suck on her clit. She’s so primed and ready that it barely takes any time for her to start shaking. She cums hard on my mouth, screaming out as I lick her through it. Warm juice floods onto my mouth. I drink most of it down, but the rest makes a delicious mess on my chin.

I never want to wipe it off. I want to smell her lust at all times. I want to have it on me, in me, all around me.

Her cries turn to moans, which turn to whimpers as her orgasm fades. I’m still licking her pink heat and dipping my tongue into her tight little hole as she recovers.

“Fuck,” she whispers in a shaky voice as she pushes herself up. “Holy fuck…”

I pull my mouth away as I hold onto her ass, not ready to let go just yet.

She looks at me over her shoulder and my pulse races. Those baby blue eyes… There’s something in them that leaves me all shaky. It’s an honor to be looked at by her. It’s a privilege to have them on me.

I drag my hands around to her front as I slowly stand up. She shivers as my palms slide up her stomach and back onto her breasts, cupping them from behind. They’re big for a twenty-one-year-old. Firm yet soft with the most perfect pink nipples nature ever created.

I drag my thumbs over them as she looks at me over her shoulder.

“I’d do more, but these cuffs…” she says as she tugs on the chain.

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