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I carry her into my bedroom and kiss her once more before lowering her onto the bed.

She scoots back as she watches me with wide excited eyes. I slip off my tie and then slowly remove my shirt, taking my time with each button. She watches with rapt attention as I peel the shirt off my body, revealing my big muscular chest and hard arms. I’ve spent decades sculpting this frame in the gym and it’s all been for her.

Every drop of sweat, every grunting rep, and every sore morning was worth it to see that lustful look in her eyes as she studies me.

I reach for my belt and pull it out as her breathing gets heavier. I’m so hard.

She sucked me dry in the car, but it didn’t take long for my cock to be ready again. My balls are full and aching to unload my seed into her virgin womb. I want to put a baby in her. I want to make her mine in every way and that means claiming every inch of her.

I’m taking this beauty raw and unprotected. There won’t be anything stopping me from planting my seed in her.


“Take your shirt off,” I growl as I unbutton my pants.

She does as I say, peeling my old t-shirt off her gorgeous body. She has no bra on and the sight of her young tits bouncing around under that shirt has been killing me. I need to see those beauties free.

I suck in a breath as they tumble down, free and jiggling. Her perfect pink nipples are as hard as my cock. My mouth waters as I stare at them while I slide down my zipper.

She nibbles on her bottom lip as I drop my pants. My erection is straining against the inside of my boxer briefs. A wet spot is at the tip of my dick where all of my pre-cum keeps spilling out. I’m bursting for this girl.

“You want me to take these off?” I tease as I tug on the waistband of my underwear.

She nods her head, her eyes unblinking.

“You first. Shorts and panties. Off.”

I groan as I watch her lift her ass off the bed. Her tits separate and it gets me lightheaded. They’re so beautiful. Every movement is mesmerizing.

She dips her fingers into her waistband and pulls everything down. I let out a heavy groan as I watch her become totally naked for me.

I already saw everything back at the police station, but it wasn’t like this. She’s laying on my bed with nothing but a shy sexy look on her face. I’ve never seen such a tempting sight.

“You’re going to have to give me more than that,” I say as I play with my boxer briefs. My cock is aching to get out. “Spread those sweet legs, Hazel. Show me your delicious little pussy.”

She grabs ahold of her tits and starts massaging them as her legs creep open. My eyes are locked on her sex as her legs part further… further…

My heart is pumping on overdrive as she opens them all the way, showing every inch of her delectable cunt. It’s wet and leaking out clear juice. I groan hungrily, wanting to lap up her arousal.

Instead, I hold myself in place and slowly pull down my boxer briefs to give her the show I promised. My cock snags on the waistband and then springs up, hard and ready to smash through her cherry.

I grab it and stroke myself as she watches. Her little hand slides between her legs and she starts playing with her wet kitty as I climb onto the bed, completely mesmerized by her.

I lean down and drag my tongue up her soaking wet cunt, lapping up her lust. It warms my chest. It warms my soul. And it makes my cock rage harder than ever.

“I want you so badly,” I whisper as I kiss my way up her stomach.

Her fingers dig into my hair. “I know,” she moans as she pulls my mouth onto her breasts. “I feel it too.”

I take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it as my hand finds her slit. She moans as I dip a finger inside her tight hole, trying to loosen it up a little so it will fit my big cock. Fuck, she’s tight…

“Keep those legs spread, baby,” I growl as I guide my thick dick to her hole. “I’m going to fill you up.”

“I want it so badly,”

I press the head of my thick cock to her opening and kiss her neck as I slide into her wet virgin hole. Her tight cunt squeezes me to the point I can’t breathe, but the thought of breeding her pushes me on.

She grabs my arms when I slide up to her cherry, gasping as I press the head of my cock against it. Her nails dig into my back as I let her have her innocence for a few seconds longer.

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