Meant To Be - Page 9

I stalk towards her, needing her in my arms. My hands find the sides of her neck and grasp her, bringing her in towards me, my lips coming down on hers. She’s sliding her hands under my tee shirt, and I know today is only going to get that much better.

Chapter Twelve


I’m holding on to Liam for dear life, trying to pull his shirt off of him, and get to his skin. I want to feel his warmth against my own. Our breathing is heavy. My heart is racing, and, after only knowing Liam for a short amount of time, I know I want him to be the one to take my virginity. He seems reluctant to move forward though. Liam is kissing down my neck and I finally get his shirt off. I can finally run my hands along the firm planes of his body. His hands disappear from my neck and the palms of his hands are under my dress. He’s grasping the cheeks of my ass as he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. Liam sits on the edge of the bed with me draped across his lap, my ankles behind his back, the only barrier between us is my panties and his jeans. I can feel his hard length, and if there was nothing between us, I’d be able to sink down on him right now.

“Liam,” I whimper his name as he grinds up in to me as I grind down.

“Fuck, Ev. I’m not gonna make you come like this the first time,” he complains.

My back is on the bed in an instant. When I look down, I see Liam is on his knees before me with a look on his face that shows more than just want. It shows all the desire in the world he has, and it’s only for me.

I feel his lips on the inside of my thigh before my legs are wrenched apart, and I’m spread wide for him. The only thing stopping him from seeing me are my panties. Panties that are white that you can now see everything with the wetness gathering inside them. Liam’s tongue travels up to the inside of my thigh until he reaches my panties, and he blows on me. It makes me writhe and ache even more.

“Please,” I say not even sure what I’m asking for, but knowing I need something more, something only Liam can give me.

Liam wrenches my panties down and he can see all of me, every bare inch of my pussy. I become braver and pull my dress over my head. It’s cute and flowy, but also has support so I can go without a bra so, as I take it off, it leaves me completely naked for him. This is something I’ve never done before. I should feel vulnerable. I should feel uncomfortable, but I don’t feel that at all. All I feel is that I’m only his.

Liam looks up from between my legs and sees me bare and whispers huskily, “Fuck, Ev. You’re more beautiful than I could ever imagine.”

He comes up from between my legs. I whimper from the loss of him there, but I want his hands all over me and his lips on mine. I want to taste every inch of him and make him mine as much as I’m his.

Liam makes his way up my body, slowly leaving a trail with his tongue. I can feel every erogenous zone in my body, from my hip bone, to the underside of my breast, to him leaving a trail from the column of my throat. When he whispers into my ear, it brings my body into a full shiver.

“Can’t wait to see all the ways I can make you come. Maybe with just my thumb on your clit or you grinding up against me. Maybe you can come by me sucking on your pretty little nipples,” he says into my ear.

“Oh god,” I whimper and then he’s doing all the things he whispered in my ear. Starting with my nipples. He’s sucking on them and bringing his teeth into play. I bring my legs up and wrap them around him, not minding the jeans abrasiveness rubbing against my center.

Liam brings his thumb down to my clit, torturing me slowly, while rubbing it in firm circles, only adding to what he’s doing to my nipples and his fingers that have become magical, and I explode.

“Liam,” I scream out and my body shudders as he slowly brings me back down.

Chapter Thirteen


Watching Everly come was something out of this world. She’s laying on her back, her hair in disarray, her breathing is labored. When she takes a deep breath, it emphasizes her breasts. They’re more than a handful, and her nipples. Fuck, they taste as sweet as her. A vanilla cherry flavor, something I’m vastly becoming addicted to. Her milky skin on full display. If I weren’t lying between her legs with our bodies aligned, I’d be on my knees worshipping her all over again. This time though, I’ll make her come with my mouth and fingers.