Meant To Be - Page 8

I turn my playlist on my phone and get started. I’m singing and dancing as I make the meatballs when two arms wrap around me. I jump and scream, “Oh my gosh! Are you trying to give me a damn heart attack, Liam?!”

“Couldn’t help myself. Walking into the house, it smelling amazing with you standing in my kitchen moving your hips to the beat of the music. Had to get my hands on you, Ev,” he says huskily.

I turn around, careful to not get my raw meat hands on him. I’m up on my toes, my arms draped over his shoulders, and I kiss him. I think I’m the one to finally be in control, but Liam has other ideas. He has his hand in my hair, and he’s moving me the way he wants when his tongue comes in to play. I moan as I taste him, and he delves deeper. When we pull apart, I can feel the flush in my cheeks.

“That was a heck of a hello,” I say as I plant my feet firmly on the ground again.

“I reckon so, but it’s a beautiful sight, seeing you here, making yourself at home,” he murmurs.

“It’s easy to feel that way when I’m with you,” I answer back honestly. I truly believe that too. I can imagine myself here forever. Maybe with a child or two running around my feet while I’m cooking, and Liam is out in the garage tinkering on his next project or even remodeling another part of the house. I’m knocked out of my dreamlike moment when Liam says, “Gonna shower before dinner’s ready. I helped a buddy of mine drywall his basement and now I’m covered in dust.” It takes me a moment, but then I see his hair is in fact flaked with dust. His dark hair looks almost grey in just the right places.

I hear him leave the kitchen and return to the meatballs and the sauce, setting them both on simmer before I clean up the mess I’ve made.

Chapter Eleven


I hurry through to the bathroom, immediately starting the shower before getting in. I’m dirty as fuck, and my back is tied up in knots from hanging drywall with Pete. It’s been hard to keep my hands to myself, but, for Everly, I know I’ll do it. My hand is wrapped around my cock, and I’m imagining she’s in the shower with me right here and right now with her knees to the floor. Her hair is wet and pouring down her back. She has water splashed on her cheeks, and her eyelashes have droplets of water begging to come down if she were to blink. And her lips. Everly’s lips are open. Her tongue comes out to slowly lick the top of my cock and then she slowly swirls her tongue around the head. It’s slow and deliberate. It’s as if she’s had practice before, but I know damn good and well she’s never done anything with anyone else before. I drop my head back and moan while fisting myself. I replay the image of her in my head. She hollows her cheeks and sucks me down, bringing her hand in to play where her mouth can’t reach. It doesn’t take me long until I’m coming in thick ropes on the tile of the shower.

“Hey, Liam,” I hear her call through the door.

“Yeah,” I holler back.

I’m shutting off the water and grabbing a towel off the bar outside of the shower, when Everly bursts in. I’m standing here wet and naked. Her eyes blink slowly, adjusting to what she sees.

“Uh. Uh, I’m sorry. I’ll wait. I just know the other bathroom is still being remodeled,” she says with a bewildered look on her face. I continue toweling off and tell her, “Stay. I’m almost done and you can use it.”

Fuck, if she had walked in only minutes before she would have seen me stroking my cock and murmuring out her name and, if that were the case, she probably would have ran out the door.

I walk out of the bathroom, throw on a pair of jeans, and grab one of my old Navy shirts. I’m about to put it on when she walks out of the bathroom.

“Um, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to barge in, but, uh, your other bathroom looked like it was practically gutted and I didn’t know if it was okay to use,” she stumbles out.

“Probably a good thing you used this one. The other doesn’t have running water,” I tell her as I slide my shirt on. I see her gaze is glued to my abs and I know tonight, she’ll be ready to do more than just rub against me. I’m going to slide that cute little dress up past her hips, rip her panties off, and eat her like she’s my last meal.