Meant To Be - Page 7

It’s only the slight chuckle that has me opening my eyes and realizing the pillow my head is under is Liam’s lap and his hands haven’t stopped massaging my hair and head.

“Sleep good?” he asks.

“I guess so. I didn’t even realize I was that tired.” I tell him as I slowly sit up. He grunts and says, “You can take a nap. It’s barely dark outside.”

I move back into him to where we’re sitting side by side, his arm wrapped around my shoulders tucking me into him, and my head on his shoulder.

Chapter Nine


I wasn’t ready to take Everly home. We had a great night with great food and she’s better than any company I’ve had in a long time. Her napping helped me prolong her staying with me. When the clock struck ten o’clock, I knew I had to wake her up and get her home, as much as I don’t want to. And, fuck, it burns at my chest to take her back to her minuscule apartment on the wrong side of town, but I will.

“Ev, Baby. Wake up,” I croon in her ear, my nose nudging behind her ear to the delicate curve of her neck .

“Shhh,” she whispers before settling back in to sleep. I’m about ready to say fuck it and let her sleep right here on the couch with me curled around her when I realize she has school and work tomorrow. She’ll be pissed as hell if she misses them.

I gently kiss her until she’s moaning and kissing me back. Shit, what I wouldn’t give to hear her moaning as she takes my cock inside her body.

“Liam,” she moans aloud and I pull back, knowing if she keeps moaning my name as we continue to kiss, we’ll both do something we’re not ready for.

“Wake up, Baby,” I nudge her gently until her eyes finally open and I see the deep green within them.

“Shoot! I really fell asleep that last time,” she says sluggishly.

“Yeah, you did. You want to stay here tonight or head home?” I ask her.

“If it’s safe for me to drive my car home, I probably should do that. I have to be up and out of the door by eight in the morning,” she says as she sits up and stretches. I watch as her shirt rises up, giving me a glimpse of her soft and supple skin, it makes me want to lay her back down and lick every inch of her beautiful body.

“It’s safe. Doesn’t mean I won’t follow you home just in case,” I grumble.

“Let me grab my bags and we can head out. That way we can both get some kind of sleep tonight,” Everly says as she gets up and heads to the kitchen. I meander my way with her, not wanting her to carry her things she brought over to cook with.

“I put the leftovers away, so you’ll have a few meals until I can get back over here,” she tells me as she turns around. I grab the bags from her and we head out to the garage. I open her passenger door and load the bags in her car, grab her keys off the work bench and open the driver’s door as she slides in, and hand her the keys.

“I’ll be right behind you, just let me get you something, then I’ll hop in the truck,” I tell her and then I’m jogging back into the house, going through my junk drawer that’s in the mudroom until I find what I’m looking for. It takes me longer than I wanted, but I finally find the second garage door opener and head back to Everly. Her car door is still open, so I place it on her visor and tell her, “Alarm code is five zero one seven. Want you to use it when you plan on coming over here, just in case I’m in town or not home.”

“Oh, wow. Okay. Um, thanks,” she stutters as her cheeks go bright red.

I bend down giving her a quick kiss, then head to my truck and start it up waiting for Ev to back out of the garage. I see her stop and press the button on her visor and then head towards her house.

I follow behind her the whole way home. Shit, if I thought she’d allow me to, I’d stay the night.

There’s something about Everly that makes me never want to let her go. It even has me rethinking my contract to go overseas again.

Chapter Ten


It’s been two weeks of me going over to Liam’s house and making dinner. I’ve learned I’m not just there to make him dinners. I’m there because he genuinely cares for me and I’ve come to realize I really like Liam. He’s been nothing but a gentleman, and sometimes that makes me want to scream. Sure, it’s been heavy petting and leaving us both breathless. Sometimes it’s leaving me panting and begging him for more before he backs away. Liam wasn’t here when I pulled into his driveaway, so I get out after opening the garage door and going through the mudroom and disarming the alarm. I unload the groceries, put them away, and then start on making my homemade meatballs and red sauce.