Meant To Be - Page 6

“Okay, but not on the labor. You don’t have to pay for the parts either. You keep making dinner like you are tonight a few nights a week, and swear to God, I’ll work on your car any day or night.”

“That I can do. It’ll have to be on Tuesdays, Fridays, and the weekends. Those are my only evenings off,” she replies.

“Works for me,” I tell her as I go back towards the garage to finish on the last minute shit on her car.

Fuck, this woman is going to be the death of me and in the very best of ways. I get busy replacing her spark plugs and, before I know it, Everly is out in the garage sitting on a stool I keep out here with the work bench and watching me work.

“You want any help?” I hear Everly ask.

“Sure. Will you hand me that wrench on the tool box?” I ask her and that’s what we do until I’m finally finished and close the hood of her car. When we look at each other again, she has a smudge of grease on her cheek. I’m covered in it from my hands to my elbows, but what really makes me smile, is the look on her face. She’s happy. Her eyes are gleaming with pride at helping me.

We wash up in the sink I have installed in the garage and then head back inside for the day. I stop as soon as I enter the house. This place has just been that, a house but, right now with what Everly has cooking on the stove, the smell that’s permeating the house, and making my stomach rumble, it feels more like a home. Everly is staring at me, looking at the emotion that is plain on my face, and I can’t help but grasp her neck and bring our lips together. It’s more of a searing kiss. I lick her lips and when she pants, my tongue sneaks in for a taste of her. She taste like mint from the gum she was chewing earlier. Her hands hold onto my shoulders. Everly gives as good as she gets.

We break apart, both of us looking at each other with want in our eyes until she breaks away and rushes over to the stove, almost as if she’s scared. That’s something I’ll have to rectify, even if that means having a case of blue balls.

Chapter Eight


I ran away. I can’t believe I ran away from my first ever real kiss that wasn’t just a peck on the lips. No, this was the full monty, lips and tongue action. And what did I do? I scurried off like a little meek mouse on the pretense of stirring the stroganoff I made for dinner. I’m still stirring it as I look inside the oven at the homemade biscuits I made to go along with it when Liam comes up behind me and whispers, “Dinner smells good, Ev. I haven’t had a home cooked meal in what feels like forever.”

I melt. There is no other word for it. It breaks my heart to know that he’s standing behind me and something as simple as Beef Stroganoff means a lot to him, almost as much as him working on my car is for me.

“Thank you. It’s not much. I promise next time it’ll be something better,” I murmur.

“This is perfect. I’ll get the plates and drinks ready,” he tells me as he backs away. I feel his heat leave me and I suddenly miss his warmth.

The buzzer goes off for the biscuits and I pull them out, then strain the noodles, and set everything on Liam’s bar.

We both sit down and I watch as Liam digs into his dinner. He’s quiet while he’s eating, except for the few moans I hear. There’s not much said between the two of us. I tuck into my dinner with a soft smile on my face.

He finishes before me and takes his plate to the sink, but before that he says, “I’m going to hop in the shower. Feel free to watch TV. You cooked dinner, I’ll clean.”

I finish my dinner and get up to clean the kitchen up. I don’t care what he says. I am not leaving him with a sink full of dirty dishes, plus I brought containers to store the leftovers. I’m wiping down the counters when I hear the shower turn off. Going into the living room, I turn the television on and find an action movie to watch until he comes back out.

My head is back and I’m sinking into the most comfortable couch I think I’ve ever sat in. I don’t even feel myself dozing off until I’m moved and then my head is on a pillow and Liam is playing with my hair.