Meant To Be - Page 5

Before making it to the shower, I check my phone and see that Everly texted me while I was busy working on her car. It’s enough to make me smile.

Everly: Thank you again for today. I’m not sure I could ever repay you for working on my car.

Me: Anytime, Everly. Anytime.

I respond and then head towards the shower and then get my ass to bed so I can hopefully get her car back up and running by Sunday evening.

Chapter Six


It’s Sunday morning and I’m just getting up and out of bed to start my day when my phone rings. I kept in contact here and there with Liam to see how things were going with my car. Mostly I didn’t want to continuously bother him about it, but he called last night letting me know it’ll be done today, and he’ll be picking me up around eleven this morning. I’m excited. Liam doesn’t know it yet, but I walked to the grocery store up the road yesterday and got enough groceries to make beef stroganoff and a salad. He won’t really be able to freeze the leftovers, but it should keep for a few days to where he can at least have some meals made up.

I get dressed in a pair of cut off jean shorts that are distressed, a v-neck tee shirt, and a pair of flip flops. My hair is long and flowy with a hint of a wave to it and I opted for no make-up today. I then get my groceries ready while I wait for Liam.

I’m just finishing up picking up the kitchen when I hear a knock on my door. The bad part about this place is I have no peep hole, so I either have to open the door without looking, which is a big fat no thank you, or I have to look through the curtains without being overly obvious.

I slyly sneak a peek and see that it’s Liam. He’s wearing a pair of well-worn jeans, boots, and what I’m beginning to realize is his signature black tee shirt.

I open the door and say, “Hey. Want to come in? I have a few things to grab.”

I’m walking into the kitchen when Liam says, “Everly.”

I turn around and stop to see what’s wrong, but there’s nothing wrong as Liam’s head dips down to mine and he gives me a kiss. There’s no tongue and it’s over before it really starts, though I wish it would never end.

He backs away and slowly saunters to where I have my bags full of groceries on the kitchen counter.

“This it?” he questions.

“Yeah. You don’t have to get them though. I can carry them to your truck,” I say as I try and grab the last couple of bags on the counter. From the amount I have, you would think I bought the whole store.

“Ev, I got it. Can you lock up after us though?” he’s grousing as he grabs what I did have out of my hands. I guess that means he’s carrying the groceries after all.

“Yes, I can do that. I’m ready whenever you are,” I say as I grab the house keys off the hook by the front door. I open it for him and then lock it, thinking he’ll be on his way to his truck. I’m shocked to bump into him when I turn around on my front stoop.

I look up into his eyes and can see that he has a happy look surrounding him.

“Everything okay?” I question.

“Sure is. I’m ready for a home cooked meal though,” Liam says as his empty hand reaches for mine. He holds my hand as we walk towards his truck.

Chapter Seven


I barely got a taste of Everly back at her house, but it was enough to leave me wanting more. No, that’s not even it. I need more, more of her taste, more of her presence, and just plain more of her.

We get back to my house and I help her unload the groceries she bought. I wasn’t really expecting her to go along with making me home cooked meals. I would have done the work on her car for free if it meant I got to spend more time with her. Everly made it clear however, she wouldn’t take handouts. I have proof of that fact in the stack of cash she just handed me. It pisses me off, but also fills me with pride too.

“Ev, I didn’t need this right away. You could have waited,” I tell her with exasperation.

“Yes, you did too. You paid for the tow. I know you bought the parts already. The least I could do was pay you back for that, and I’ll work on the parts as soon as you get me the receipt of what I owe you,” she says with determination in her voice.