Meant To Be - Page 24

I give her what she wants, slowly and relentlessly. I could make this last all damn day and still not get enough of her.

“You ready, Baby? This may get rough,” I warn her.

“Please, I need you,” she begs.

I give her what we both need keeping my thumb inside her and fucking my cock into her. I’m pouring with sweat and her body is glistening. She’s on the verge of coming, and I can see it happening quickly. Her legs are shaking and she’s panting louder. A few more thrusts and I seat myself in her, painting the inside of her pussy with my come. Hoping like hell we just made another baby.

“God, Liam. I love you,” she says as she slowly comes down from her orgasm.

“Love you more, Everly,” I respond back. My mouth kissing the backside of her neck.


I wake up before Liam does. I secretly hope I wore him out. I tip toe into the bathroom bringing the pregnancy test with me that I stowed away in my luggage when he wasn’t looking. I wanted this to be something we could enjoy together and since we have time for just us, I take my time and place the pregnancy test on the counter.

Going back into the bedroom, I slowly pull the covers down. Liam is still naked from the night before and laying on his back. I straddle him, as I’m in a barely there nightgown sans panties. I lean down and kiss his throat until I feel him slowly wake up.

“Good morning, Baby,” he rumbles.

“Morning, Liam. We need to get up and head to the bathroom. I think we have a surprise to celebrate,” I say with a wiggle of my eyebrows.

“Or we could stay just like this and celebrate,” he says as he grinds his cock into me, gliding along the lips of my pussy.

“As much as I want to celebrate right here and now, I think we should go check this out,” I tell him as I leap off of him and sashay into the bathroom.

He grabs his sweats and pulls them up over his hips as I wait at the doorway for him to follow me in.

“Whatcha got, Baby?” he questions.

“Why don’t we look together?”

We make our way hand in hand to the counter and I gasp and say, “We’re pregnant. Oh my gosh, we’re pregnant!”

“Everly, this is the best news. I can’t wait to see what baby number three brings us,” he exclaims as he kisses me thoroughly. We were always meant to be, Liam and I.

I can’t wait to see what else our love brings us in the future.