Meant To Be - Page 23

“You need it, Baby. She was just starting to squirm when I walked into the door, gave us some time to sit here and enjoy the afternoon with you.”

“She must need to nurse,” she tells me as she holds her breasts. Her body can sense when it’s time for Avery to eat.

I hand her to Everly and watch as my woman has no problem baring her breast to feed our child. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed, knowing her body is nourishing our daughter.

“I want more, Everly,” I tell her in a soft tone, not to disrupt Avery from her meal.

“I do too, but not yet. She’s barely a month old and I’d like to enjoy her more before we have another little one,” she tells me calmly.

“I’m good with that. How many more are you thinking you’d like to have?”

“I’d like to have at least two or three more. You think our home is big enough to hold four children?” she asks.

“Yeah. If not we can always build an addition or find a bigger home,” I tell her, not really wanting to move. This home holds so many memories for us.

“I don’t want to move and the kids could always share rooms too, if we decide not to add on,” she tells me and I’m perfectly content with her answer. I lean in to kiss her as Avery switches sides, and we sit outside and continue to enjoy the breeze and peacefulness.

Second Epilogue


4 years later

I have Everly in the truck beside me, and we’re on our way to a much needed anniversary getaway. We both didn’t want to leave the kids too long, so we decided to head up to a cabin in the mountains. It’s isolated and backs up to a lake. I told Everly not to pack anything but her bathing suits. I plan on keeping her in as little as possible and maybe even knocking her up this weekend.

“You ready for a nice relaxing weekend?” I ask her.

“More than ready. I love our munchkins, but they wear me out,” she breathes out.

“It may be time to talk about cutting down your hours to maybe two days a week instead of the four you’re working now. Avery is non-stop moving, it’s only going to get harder to contain her as she gets older. Max will be learning to walk too here shortly, and if you go down to two days a week I can stay home with them. Four days would be hard with the projects I have going on right now.” I’m hoping she’ll at least think about my suggestion.

“You can take two days off a week now?”

“Yeah, I can make it work, Baby,” I tell her as I squeeze her hand that’s laced with mine.

We make it to the cabin, we’ve barely stopped, and she’s flying out of the truck to get inside.

I run after her, seeing that she’s standing at the door and giggling. I get to her, unlock the cabin door, and pick her up. Her legs wrap around me as they always do and I don’t let go. We tumble inside. I slam her up against the wall ready to be inside of her, but she has other ideas. Everly slithers out of my arms and gets down on her knees before me. We may have been together for years now, but nothing sets me on fire like the feel of her mouth on my cock.

She unzips my cargo shorts, and my cock is already out and waiting. She brings one hand around my girth, lowers her head, and engulfs me. If I let her she’d get me off this way and not expect anything in return. I thrust my hips into her movements before I pull her off and bring her back up to standing. She smirks at me, knowing full well I’m not coming down her throat.

“Turn around and bend over, Everly. You know what I want,” I grunt at her. My cock still standing in the air.

She spins around, and as she does it she lifts her dress over her head. She’s completely naked. She’s a work of art. Even after two children, she has curves that are softer than ever, marks that show proof that she carried our babies, and I plan to worship each and every inch of her.

“Like what you see,” she says over her shoulder.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful, Everly,” I tell her as I strip out of my shirt and bend her over the arm of the couch. My cock is demanding entrance, but, first, I need to make sure she’s ready.

My fingers skate along the folds of her pussy and she’s drenched. I can feel it on the inside of her legs.

I take my cock in my hand and align it with her pussy. I gather some of the wetness she has dripping out of her with my thumb and bring it to her backside. While I slowly glide my cock inside her, I take my thumb and firmly place it on her other hole. She immediately jolts backwards, her body begging for more. I slowly enter her in both places at once and she screams out, “Liam, Baby, I need more.”