Meant To Be - Page 14

“Everly, you okay in there?” She doesn’t answer again. I open the door and walk into her personal oasis. The only problem with that is she’s basically asleep and could drown at any moment. When I reach into the tub to pull her out, I’m thankful as fuck that the water is still warm, not caring that I’m getting soaked or water is sloshing everywhere. My one concern is getting Ev out of the water, dried off, and keeping the chill off her.

Now that she’s in my arms and I have the covers thrown off the bed, I get her in and under before I work on righting the bathroom and blow the candles out. She’s more worn out than I thought she was. Our next conversation will be her moving in fully to my house and asking her to quit her full time job so she can focus on finishing her school and not be this damn tired that she’ll endanger herself.

Once the bathroom is cleaned up, I strip out of my clothes and slide into Everly’s bed with her. She’s gathered in my arms as soon as I can bring her into my body.

I think back on how if I didn’t get here fast enough she could have been gone and that’s something I cannot get out of my head. The month that I’ll be away is going to have me twisted up in knots and only further solidifies that I won’t be renewing my contract again. I can find something here in our home town, even if it’s working in construction.

I fall asleep with everything on my mind, but my woman in my arms and that helps me sleep peacefully.

Chapter Twenty


I wake up and the first thing I notice is Liam’s here in my bed. I vaguely remember him tucking me into bed, but I don’t remember much after that. The grueling hours I’m keeping is taking its toll on me and the counting down of weeks is definitely happening daily now. The other thing I notice is I’m naked, and Liam’s hard on is poking its way against my ass. I go to adjust myself when Liam groans in my ear, “Quit wiggling, Babe.”

“I can’t help it. It’s poking me,” I say with a laugh.

“You keep moving, I’m going to use it,” Liam tosses out. As soon as it’s out, I roll over. I’ve been wanting to give Liam my virginity for a while now, but he’s been reluctant saying he doesn’t want to rush me into anything. I think if I don’t finally have him inside of me, I might explode.

He rolls over onto his back, and I take that as my cue and straddle his lap. The covers fall around us, leaving us completely bare and looking at each other. His cock is in between my center and just the feel of it has me rocking my hips back and forth.

“Ev, Baby, you gotta stop or I won’t be able to,” he grunts out as he starts moving his hips along with mine.

“I don’t want to stop this time, Liam. I want you to make me yours, once and for all,” I tell him with all the pent up need I have in my body.

Liam flips me over so I’m flat on my back and he’s looking into my eyes before he says, “You’re sure? You’re positive, right? Because once I make you mine, Ev, I’m never letting you go.”

“I promise. I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine,” I tell him as I lift my head and kiss him. It starts out slow and then builds up with more intensity than ever before. I feel him move his hand between us as he glides his fingers along the lips of my sex.

“You’re soaked, Baby,” he grunts. I don’t bother responding, too busy moaning and writhing in pleasure.

He finds the right spot, using just his thumb to keep me on the edge of an orgasm when I feel him slowly bathe the head of his cock in my wetness before I feel the head of his cock enter me.

Liam stops when he hears the intake of my breath. It’s not as painful as I thought it would be. I glide my hands from where they were grasped at his wrists and are now up to his shoulders trying to bring him into me further, but he holds himself still.

“Please, Liam. I need more,” I say as I slowly try to hitch my hips to take more of his length inside me.

“Easy, Everly. I don’t want to hurt you. We need to take this slow so you’re not hurting for days on end,” he says as he slowly works his way further inside of me. I sigh out in pleasure knowing he’s right, but wanting more. Wanting to feel that bite of pain as he gives me all the pleasure he can.