Meant To Be - Page 10

“Liam, wow. That was… wow,” she mumbles as she brings her lips to mine. This time I allow her to take control of the kiss. I want her as comfortable as I can get her. I roll us so she’s on top and ignore the throbbing cock in my pants. When she straddles my lap, I sit up straight with her surrounding me and deepen the kiss. I gave her time to dominate, now I want her to know just how I really feel. That this isn’t some fleeting moment. This is real, and she’s mine.

“Hell, Ev. You are so damn beautiful,” I tell her as we pull apart. Her nipples are pebbled, brushing against my chest, and if I wasn’t so strong I’d have her flat on her back with my cock tunneling in and out of her cunt.

“Uh, Liam. I hate to tell you this, but… um… you’re pretty beautiful yourself,” she replies back.

“Everly, men aren’t beautiful,” I grunt.

“Well you are,” her body is still on high alert after her orgasm. I can see the gleam in her eyes. It doesn’t help that every time she moves, my hard on is right there. Begging to come out and join the party. Add in that with Ev on top of me and not realizing every move she makes I can feel her. Our bodies are molded together from hips to chest.

“You want to stay here tonight?” I’m silently begging her to stay, to feel her wrapped around me as long as I can possibly have her, wake up next to her, and maybe, just fucking maybe, I can wake her up with my mouth between her legs.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind. I don’t have to go in until noon tomorrow, and I’m exhausted,” she says with a yawn.

I pick her up with her still wrapped around me. She’s holding on tight, but I’m not letting go. I whisk the comforter and sheet down and lay her in the bed, covering her body with the sheets and tell her, “I’ll be right back I’m going to shut the house down for the night.”

“Okay, Liam I’ll be right here,” she says groggily.

I head to the front of the house to clean up the kitchen. We didn’t even eat dinner tonight. I place the food in containers Everly brought over and wipe down the counters. The last thing I do is make sure the doors are locked, alarm is set, and the lights are off.

Once I’m back in the bedroom, Everly is already sound asleep. I strip out of my clothes and get in to bed beside her. My arm instantly goes around her and she settles in the crook of my arm. Right where she was always meant to be.

Chapter Fourteen


I wake up all cozy and warm, completely cocooned in Liam’s arms. I was awakened in the middle of the night gasping his name, only to find his mouth doing deliciously naughty things to me. Things that I’ve never had happen to me, things that I’ll now crave from him. He’s completely rested, the lines that are usually surrounding his mouth and eyes are gone. The dark circles I was used to seeing at the end of the day are slowly fading, but the five o’clock shadow that he keeps, that’s something I thoroughly enjoy. I slowly peak under the covers, wanting to see every inch of Liam, from his tanned and weathered skin, to his scars that he doesn’t like to talk about, down to his legs that are thick with muscles. My eyes stop when they slowly come back up, and I’m riveted at the source. His cock, that was just seconds ago lying flat against his leg, is now thickening. It’s long and hardening and I want to give him the pleasure he gave me over and over again through the night.

“Everly, Baby. Come up here,” I hear Liam say. I’m still under the covers, gawking at his now hard cock.

“Huh?” I say to him.

I hear him chuckle and say, “Everly, it’s not going to hurt you. I promise you that. Come up here, baby.”

I slowly make my way back up towards his face, but whimper at the fact that I won’t be able to take care of him like he has taken care of me.

He places his palm on my cheek and brings me closer. I follow his lead as his lips touch mine. It’s fleeting yet so meaningful at the same time.

“Morning, Ev,” he says as we break apart.

“Good morning,” I tell Liam back, trying to find the courage to do what I really want.

“Um, Liam. Will you, uh, teach me how to you know, um… pleasure you?” I stumble with my words, and I can feel the blush creeping from my chest all the way to my cheeks.