Kept (Castile Family 2) - Page 32

MJ sets Star in my lap. My arms close around the tiny baby instinctively.

“So you don’t enjoy it when Star giggles when you poke her belly or when you feed her from the bottle and she looks at you like you’ve given her the whole world?” MJ reaches over and tickles Star under the chin. The girl wriggles her tiny arms and legs adorably.

“Sure, but anytime I want that fix, I can go over to Madd’s house. They have two.” My words are all right, but there’s no conviction in my voice. Every time I hold Star or Castor, I think about what it would be like to have my own little girl or boy. I thought I’d hid it, but apparently MJ can read me like a picture book.

My wife leans her head on my shoulder, hugging one of my arms as we stare down at Star’s perfect face.

“I didn’t think I’d ever want another kid,” MJ says softly. Her scented shampoo fills my lungs. I wonder if that’s what our baby would smell like. “But we’re in a different place now. I’m not struggling financially. I’ve got resources. Most importantly, I have you and your family. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, someone would be there to help me.”

“Yes,” I say almost too fervently. “You’re not alone.”

“I know.” She leans up and kisses my cheek. “I want to have a baby, Cullen. Let’s make one.”

All the blood in my body arrows straight to my dick. I stare down in dismay at the gurgling child in my arms. “Why the fuck would you ask me to do that now?” I wail. I’m ready to start crying. I can’t take MJ into the bedroom and fill her with my seed. I can’t make a baby—not while we’re watching the twins.

MJ kisses me again before hopping to her feet. “Because I’m a cruel, cruel woman.”

Stiffly, I place Star on a playmat. “Kid, I’m sorry to tell you that I’m in no state to hold you right now.” I hand her a soft toy and lean back against the sofa. MJ’s words have made me instantly erect and there’s something really wrong about holding a baby and having a hard-on.

I think of gruesome crime photos, of my parents’ shenanigans, of the Yankees’ piss-poor pitching prospects until my erection subsides and the haze of lust has passed me over.

Then I reach over and pick up my phone.

“Who are you calling?” MJ yells from the kitchen.




“Because she needs to watch the twins until Madd gets back tomorrow.”


I glare at MJ. “Because you told me to make you pregnant! You think I’m waiting until tomorrow to start that process? Fuck no, you’re getting naked in the next ten minutes.”

“It will take Sav at least a half hour to get down here.”

“Well, the twins will have to learn how to take care of themselves then.”

MJ’s dying of laughter. “They are six months. They can’t even walk.”

I shrug. “They have to do it at some point. Might as well start now.”

Of course, I don’t leave the twins—not until Sav shows up an hour later—because I love the little cockblockers, but the moment that the door shuts on Sav’s ass, I grab MJ, throw her over my shoulder and run to the bedroom. I have her undressed and my cock inside her hot pussy in under five minutes.

“Do you think we’ll make a baby this time?” she whispers into my sweaty shoulder.

“I hope not,” I grunt as I thrust inside. “This is just a practice run. We’re going to have to do this at least a hundred times to get it right.”



“Did you eat my cake?” I point to the pan that has a slice missing.

“Maybe,” Luna says with her mouth full of stolen cake. Why did I think it would be a great idea to move next door to Luna and Maddox again? That’s right, because my husband got so excited with the idea of knocking me up he put two babies in me at once. At least it was one boy and one girl. If this labor thing sucks I don’t have to try again. We’ll have both. I’d be mad at him for putting two in me at once but he really nailed it.

Cullen never half-asses anything, that’s for sure. I knew we were going to need as much help as we can get. Okay, maybe that’s not true. I know Cullen is going to be a super hands-on parent but I’ve been proven to panic. Even though Luna steals food from here all the time I love that all the Castiles come and go. I had no idea what Luna and I were missing out on with regards to family until they came into our lives. I don’t need reality television anymore. I am living it most days.

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