Kept (Castile Family 2) - Page 25

“Hmm?” I finally answer. I try and fake like I have no idea what he’s asking.

“What’s wrong?” he pushes on, not letting me get out of it. Of course not. The man takes what he wants. Let’s not forget he’s a detective. His job is reading people.

“I’m hungry.” It’s not a lie. I am hungry. I nip his neck, taking a small bite of him. “I could go for something sweet.”

“That’s good, shortcake, because I’m going to make you something to eat before I put you to bed.” He does put me to bed in the best of ways. We could skip food and go straight for bed. Who knows how many more nights I’ll have him with me in bed and I want to enjoy them all.

“Have you suddenly learned how to cook?” I lean back to look at him. I smile as I remember the jokes Maddox made about Cullen’s cooking skills.

“I can bake a little.” I’m not convinced from his expression. Then he goes and gives me a smirk and I know I’ll eat his food even if it’s terrible as long as he keeps giving me that smile and all those orgasms.

He leans in, brushing his mouth against mine. His hands slide up my back into my hair, taking a hold of me. He deepens the kiss, controlling it with the hold he has on my hair. Angling my head how he wants me. Instantly I grow wet. He pulls back a touch, his hold on my hair unbreakable. I can’t move without pulling my own hair.

“Don’t know where you just went in that head of yours but whatever it is you’re thinking, don’t.”


I go to tell him he can’t control what I’m thinking but his lips land on mine again, stealing my breath away. I moan into his mouth, pressing my chest into him and getting lost in his warmth and desire as he sucks my tongue into his mouth. I want to be closer to him.

This kiss is rough and demanding as he takes what he wants. I forget about everything else. He easily consumes my thoughts. When he pulls his mouth from mine I let out a small whimper of protest, not wanting to break our connection. “There you are.” He says it so softly I don’t know if he’s talking to me or himself.

My eyes flutter back open, having closed on their own. Lost in Cullen once again. I don’t know what he means.

“We’re here,” he tells me, breaking me from the lust fog I was under. The door to the limo opens a moment later. I see we are outside of my building. Cullen helps me out of the limo before pulling me inside.

Once inside, he slips my shoes from my feet, picks me up and carries me into the bathroom. He gently places me down and walks past me to turn on the faucet in the tub. I silently watch him. After a few minutes he seems satisfied with the water temperature and motions for me to walk toward him. He’s now sitting on the edge of the tub looking sexy as all hell. He doesn’t have to ask. I slowly begin stripping my clothes off as I walk to him. My top and push-up bra are the first to go. I stand in front of him in just the skin-tight pants. My bare breasts are in full view for him. His eyes fill with lust as he stares at me.

“Come closer, shortcake.” Cullen pulls my hips toward him. I feel his hot breath on my bare stomach. He places small kisses there while he unfastens my pants and moves them down my legs. I place my hands on his broad shoulders in order to steady myself as he works them off me until I am completely naked in front of him.

“I need you to get in that bathtub before I take you bent over it.” He stands up, grabbing my hand while motioning for me to step into the water. My foot hits the warm water and I let out a tiny moan as my body suddenly realizes how tired it is. Cullen waits until I’m settled into the water to bend down and brush his lips against mine.

“You’re so fucking sexy, MJ. It’s taking every bit of my willpower to leave you here to relax while I go cook us up some dessert.” My nipples tighten at his words. I’m sure it’s ninety-nine percent from sexual arousal, but maybe I also got excited about the dessert part. Cullen gets up from the edge of the tub and I can tell he has an inner battle before he finally makes himself go, leaving me here to relax in the bath he drew for me. Sometimes I think Cullen is too good to be true. He is always doing the sweetest things for me.

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