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I bite down on the inside of my cheek and rub my dick over the fading red marks on her ass. Her legs are bound tight together by her pants, but in this position, her hot hole is exposed. Cream is dripping down her thighs. I’m about to nut so hard I’m gonna pass out.

“There’s someone just outside this door. I can zip you up or I can fuck you. What do you want?”

Without a beat of hesitation, she replies, “You.”

I wish I could say I ease into her kindly and gently like a careful man, but I’m too far gone to treat her like a delicate flower. I ram my shaft between her thighs and power into her so hard that her head nearly hits the wall.

“Wait. Is someone in there?” The woman bangs on the door. “Can you let me in? I have to piss.”

“Better stay quiet.” I bend over MJ’s quivering back and place my mouth only a breath away from her ear. “Or they’re going to find out that you’re getting fucked in here. You want everyone to see you bent over like this?”

She squeezes my cock in response. The door shakes again. I fist my hand against the door and pump into MJ’s slippery cunt with more vigor and power than I knew I had in me. The orgasm spirals through my veins and bursts through my cock as I send at least five gallons of seed inside her scorching pussy.

She screams out loud as her own orgasm takes over.

“I know someone’s in there,” the woman outside cries.

“Go the fuck away!” I roar. “We’re busy!”


“It’s a woman’s bathroom, you dickhead,” the woman screams back.

MJ chokes on her laughter and that’s how she comes—half laughing, half crying from pleasure.

Chapter 17


“I could get used to this,” I sigh into Cullen’s neck, feeling completely relaxed. I’m cuddled in his lap as the limo driver takes us home. It’s late but I don’t want the night to end. Everything about tonight has been wonderful. From seeing how happy my sister was, to Cullen tracking me down and having his way with me, to enjoying being with everyone. You’d have no idea Luna and I have only known the Castiles a short time. We all just clicked together so easily. Laughing and teasing each other and having a great time. I’ve wanted this forever. Luna and I have always been a family but something about having the Castiles too feels good. Like missing pieces sliding into place that I hadn’t known were vacant.

“I can get you a driver,” Cullen offers easily.

“Hmm. Don’t tempt me. I won’t be all bashful and say no you don’t have to do that.” I smile against his neck. “If you want to throw your money around I’ll let you shower me in whatever way you’d like.” I’m only half teasing. Over the past few years I’ve done a lot better financially. I’ll never be close to the Castile level of money but I can pay Luna’s and my bills. I can get us what we need. I always enjoy getting Luna things too. Watching her face light up when she opens something from me. It makes me feel good when I can do things for her. If Cullen has those same kind of feelings then I’ll let him do whatever he wants. What do I care? It’s his money.

“My sister does own a car service now,” he says with a chuckle. “Then I won’t have to track you down. If I hire them they’ll have to tell me.” His hold on me tightens. My sex starts to throb at his barbaric words. I don’t know what it is about him taking control over me that turns me on. Likely, the being taken care of part. I don’t have to think or worry about anything. Everything is in his care, and if I know one thing about Cullen, it’s that he knows how to take care of my body.

I kiss his neck before burying myself into him. I love how big he is, wrapped all around me while I sit perched in his lap. I feel delicate and small. I’ve never thought of myself as those things but Cullen makes me feel that way and I rather enjoy it. I don’t think I would like it with anyone else. Maybe it’s because I know he’s a good man and will handle me with care. For how long though? I stiffen at the thought. How will he be with me when this is all over? When going home means without him.

“Shortcake?” he asks, noticing I’ve stiffened. The man really can read my body. I try my best to relax again. He runs his hands up and down my back. I know he’s trying to ease the tension I’ve put into my body, not liking it there. It slowly starts to work. Again, he knows how to work my body better than I ever have.

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