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I pull at my top, trying to make sure my boobs aren’t hanging out. What has Savannah gotten us into? That girl is full of lies and she is good at them too. This isn’t a tame bachelorette party like she told Cullen and Maddox. Something about us going for tea and some chick-flick movie. Well, I guess there is tea. Long Island iced tea. Damn it. Even though I am wearing a push-up bra that Savannah strong-armed me into, I am liking her more and more by the second.

“My boobs are not bigger than yours,” I say with a laugh. At least I don’t think mine are. I am a little bit chubbier than Luna is. It comes with the profession and the fact that I’ll never say no to a carb of any kind. My boobs are usually hidden behind an apron or my chef’s coat. My bras are simple normally. They’re more for comfort than anything, but Savannah showed up to this impromptu bachelorette party ready to go with clothes and all. She wasn’t messing around. She was a woman on a mission.

She’d also gotten us out of the house without Cullen or Maddox putting up a fight. They both stood there shocked as Savannah reassured them it would be a harmless night. That was until we hit the back of the limo and she was pulling off our clothes and insisting we change. I didn’t put up a fight. I like Savannah and want her to like me too. I let her fuss over me and Luna because it seemed to make her really happy. She kept telling us how excited she was to finally have sisters.

How could I do anything to go against that? Hell, I love everyone in Cullen’s family. There’s that L word again. It’s been rattling around in my head since Cullen said it last night. He wasn’t talking directly about me but he’d grouped me in when discussing the people he loved. I don’t know if it was by mistake or on purpose.

What I do know is that it shocked me. It left me feeling nervous and maybe excited at the idea that he held those feelings for me. For once I didn’t have the balls to ask. I was scared what the answer could be. I am also not going to let myself think about why I am frightened about thinking about it. I am struggling to keep my expectations at a manageable level already. Getting my hopes up too high is only going to lead to bigger heartbreak in the end.

“Well, they look good tonight.” Luna wiggles in her seat. “I’ve never been in a limo before.” She looks around. I don’t think I have been either.

“I needed a safe place for you guys to change. My brothers never would have let us leave with you dressed like this.” She wiggles her eyebrows. I’m not sure if it’s because we look good or that she’s enjoying that she got something over on her brothers. I’m thinking both. Luna laughs and gives Savannah a high five. I smile over at her. She’s having the time of her life. I am too, when I think about it. I haven’t laughed or had this much pleasure ever in my life. The Castile family is something else. Kimmy is wrong. The Castile brothers aren’t unicorns. Their whole family seems to be. All of them are wonderfully sweet. They are all down to earth even though they have money. Each of them has a way of putting you at ease with how welcoming and inclusive they are.


“I can’t believe Savannah was the one who told me you and Cullen are shacking up.”

I glance at Savannah, who looks everywhere but at me. “I’m noticing Savannah is a snitch. You know what they say, Savannah. Snitches get stitches.” She told Caitlyn about Cullen and me too. I leave her hanging for a second before I smile at her.

“Hey!” Savannah fakes innocence. “I had to tell my mom. She was trying to set me up on a blind date!”

“Don’t let her shift the focus. This is about MJ not telling me she was living with a man.” Luna points her finger at me.

“Yeah, that’s what this is about,” Savannah adds, slipping back into her chair. Damn she is good.

I roll my eyes. “We don’t live together. He’s staying with me while his place is getting redone.”

“Sure.” Savannah drawls the one word out in disbelief. “My brothers don’t stay with women. They avoid them like the plague.”

Cullen did not avoid me. After his sister and mom left he was all over me. He ate me to three orgasms before he finally took me. I passed out at some point, only to be woken to a second round of lovemaking. Then again this morning before he went off to work. My nipples tighten in my bra thinking about it. I’d been really hoping for a repeat of last night, but Luna stopped by with Maddox to get something from her room. Then, like a ninja, Savannah was there.

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