Kept (Castile Family 2) - Page 15

“For this.” I slant my mouth across hers, sealing all her protestations between our lips. Surprise holds her rigid for a hot second, but then her body takes over. She grabs my hair in a tight, angry fist and her teeth scrape against my tongue.

Blood fires fast and furious through my veins. I love it when she’s feisty. Angry sex with MJ is going to be a fucking ride.

The back door to the restaurant slams open. MJ tears her mouth from mine. She starts to speak. I slap a palm over her mouth.

“Shhh. Someone will hear you,” I whisper, almost noiselessly, into her ear. “A tall, skinny dude just came out and threw a trash bag into the dumpster.”

The dumpster lid clangs shut and she nearly jumps out of her skin at the sharp noise. The guy doesn’t go back in right away. “Your co-worker just lit a cigarette. Looks like he’s taking a smoke break.”

She pushes at my hand, wanting to turn around and look.

“Quiet,” I tell her. “Or they’ll know you were up to something.”

She glares cutely but gives a quick nod. I ease off and she turns slowly to peak over the wall. She can’t quite see even on her tiptoes so I lift her up. She lets out a low squeak which catches the attention of the smoker. I pull her down immediately. MJ buries her face into my chest as she giggles, using my shirt to muffle the sound. I run my hand down her back, feeling the ridges of her spine, the strength in her shoulders from all that chopping and lifting and carrying and fuck knows what all she does in her kitchen.


I like that she’s got size on her. I feel like I could fuck her as hard as I want and she won’t break. The bed might collapse. The floorboards might crack, but she’d be in one piece no matter how hard I jack myself into her tight cunt.

Just the thought of doing something like that—fucking her with no tether—makes me dizzy. If the New York asphalt didn’t harbor a thousand diseases, I might lay her out and try it right now. But, since I love her and don’t want her to die from some random needle, I’ll save that idea for another day.

But I’m not letting her go entirely. Nah, I push her back against the wall. “Told you to be quiet,” I rasp in her ear. My hand tunnels under the waistband of her pants until my fingers find her pussy. She gasps at the contact. I shove her face against my chest. “Baby, you’re going to get us caught. The smoker is on his second cig and he’s staring over here.” Something hot and wet gushes against my hand. I smile smugly. I knew she was gonna like this. Sometimes when you’re always in control, it feels good to let go. “You gotta be real quiet. Can you do that?”

She shakes her head no. Using her lube, I push two fingers inside of her.

“Sure you can. Because if you’re quiet, I’ll keep doing this.” I slam my hand against her cunt hard and fast, nearly lifting her off her feet. She moans again. The smoker’s head turns in our direction. “Babe. Babe. Quiet means no sound. Your co-worker is looking over here. He’s going to find you getting finger-fucked against a brick wall. Do you want that?”

She shakes her head vigorously.

“Me either. You know why? Because I’m a jealous bastard. I don’t want anyone seeing you when your face is full of lust. That’s why I came over here tonight. Because I was seething with envy. I don’t like that there are men near you. I don’t like that someone else got to see that look of pleasure on your face. I don’t like any of it.” I thrust inside of her with three fingers, twisting and dragging my tips against the soft, sensitive skin of her cunt, making sure I find that small patch of skin that makes her knees weak and her hands tremble. I crouch down low enough to stick my nose in her damp throat. “But I’ll deal,” I whisper against the throbbing heartbeat. “I’ll deal with it by reminding you every single night that you belong to me. And that means I’ll take you here against the wall even if every single one of your co-workers are standing in front of us. I’m claiming you, MJ. You’re mine now so fucking come for me.”

I rise up and capture her cry in my mouth. Her cum floods out of her, coating my hand. She’s so damn sensitive it brings tears to my eyes. My baby girl hasn’t had a release like this in forever and she has needed it.

She comes and comes, just from the hand fuck. I hold her while she trembles and shakes until the orgasm leaves her exhausted in my arms. I throw a quick glance to make sure that the coast is clear and then I pick an exhausted MJ up in my arms and carry her to my car parked quietly in the back.

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