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That’s what I want. I just want to be with MJ. Yeah, I want to be the one on her Insta feed making her moan, too, but I’d settle for just being in the same room with her. She fills up spaces in me that I didn’t even realize were empty. I could go home and wait for her, but I want to prove to MJ that I’m more than just a good fuck. That I’m here for her and that I’m not going to murder her sous chef for taking a picture with her. I mean, I still want to but I won’t do it. I shove my hands in my pockets and head for the back door. Even if I can’t be in the kitchen with her, I can be close. And when she’s done with work, I’ll take her home, rub her feet, and make love to her so long and so well that the next time she gets a text from me, she’ll want to answer it immediately.

Chapter 9


I get it. The whole jealousy thing. It hit me hard the minute my eyes landed on Cullen sitting at the table with another woman. I told myself to not care. To pretend it didn’t bother me. Still, right out of my mouth popped Who’s your date? I couldn’t help myself. Now I understand how he wasn’t able to control his reaction either.

“You know that hottie?” Kimmy parks herself next to me in the back office. She’s been chomping at the bit to ask me something since I got back into the kitchen. I let myself fall back into work. Trying to keep myself busy so I didn’t have time to think about him every second. When I finally came up for air, I sneaked a peek back out into the dining room, only to see Cullen walking with his partner out of the restaurant. I wasn’t jealous anymore. Once I met Tony I could clearly see that they are only friends. Good ones. Their bond seems strong as partners. Something I’m guessing is needed since they have to watch each other’s backs. The stress of being detectives I’m sure is taxing. I have nothing but respect for both of them for putting their lives on the line each and every day to protect and serve. My jealousy subsided but I am still bothered by the fact that I felt it to begin with. I don’t get jealous over men.

I should give Cullen a break because yeah, I got it. I wouldn’t want anyone feeding him food. I won’t be doing that again. A least not while I’m still hooking up with Cullen. I think our no strings attached agreement is still in place. I hope so. That man did things to me I’ll never forget and between last night and this morning I haven’t gotten my fill of him yet. It is going to take time to scratch an itch as big as Cullen.

“Yeah,” is all I give her after a moment. She lets out a small huff and I cave way too quickly, wanting to talk to someone about this. “We’re sleeping together.”


When Kimmy doesn’t say anything I glance up at her from my phone I was playing with. Her mouth is hanging open as she gawks at me.

“What?” Jesus. Is she that freaking shocked? I know Cullen is hot but maybe he is out of my league. Millionaire cop. Okay, he is definitely out of my league but Kimmy doesn’t know that about him.

“You’re sleeping with Cullen Castile.” Okay, maybe she does know who he is. I should have seen that coming. She knows everything. Or if she doesn’t she finds out quick.

“How do you know who he is?” I don’t think she knew when she first told me a table was asking to see me. She got this piece of information after.

“Well, everyone was staring.” She gives a small shrug with a knowing smirk.

“So everyone was talking,” I add for her. Kimmy is as good as I am about getting the juicy gossip. I more overhear it and keep it to myself. I enjoy knowing some things but I never do anything with the information. Kimmy, on the other hand, is a talker. She’ll spread that shit far and wide. I loved that about her up until two seconds ago when it’s now my shit she’ll be spreading. I guess I never thought my stuff would be whispered about because I’m not a Castile or someone super famous. I’m also pretty boring for the most part. I like it that way. Well, last night wasn’t boring and I enjoyed the shit out of that.

“When I heard his name I knew who he was. I am the maitre d’.” She sighs as if that explains everything. It’s her job to know who people are. The Castile name is one you know. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me it’s freaking Maddox Castile your little sister is marrying.” She closes her eyes for a moment. “Oh God, this is why you asked me about the Castiles the other day.” She puts it all together. It’s my turn to shrug. I’m not going to apologize. She was more than happy to share whatever information she had on Maddox with me. Kimmy was actually the one to tell me that Maddox even had a brother.

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