Falling for the Pregnant GP - Page 52

He’d called Bonnie to let her know the clinic had run late and to pass on a message to CJ. It was almost seven-thirty! He parked the car, cut the engine and rushed into the hospital. When he arrived at CJ’s room, it was to find her dressed in a robe, sitting up in bed, feeding Elizabeth. He stopped and stared, their gazes meeting.

Her hair was on top of her head in a pile of curls, her face had make-up on it and diamonds seem to twinkle around her neck and ears. She looked…sexy! Wholesome, and irresistibly sexy. He swallowed over the dryness of his throat.

‘Sorry. She woke up and was hungry, so I thought it would be best to feed her before we go. Will this affect your plans for this evening?’

He gulped as he took a few steps into the room, then stopped. The urge to crush her to him and plunder her mouth was almost too great for him to control. He swallowed again.

‘No. I’ve called the restaurant to let them know but they understand how it is and will hold the table for as long as we need.’

‘Good. She’s almost finished.’

The room was plunged into silence again and CJ began to feel a little uncomfortable. Why didn’t he come into the room? Sit down? Say something? She glanced up at him, only to find him intently watching them. When Elizabeth had finished her feed, CJ closed her robe and handed him the baby.

‘Here’s a towel. Would you mind burping her while I go and get changed?’

‘Sure.’ He walked to the bed and sat on the end, glad CJ was leaving the room for a moment. Hopefully, he’d be able to get himself under control again. ‘You’re worse than your mother,’ he muttered to Elizabeth as he rubbed her back soothingly. ‘Irresistible and highly kissable.’ He pressed his lips to her head. Once she’d finished, he wrapped her up and tucked her into the cot. Then he concentrated on taking some deep, calming breaths. He was determined to be in control of his faculties when Elizabeth’s mother returned.


Ethan spun around and simply stared at the woman who stood in the doorway. Where had she come from? CJ felt as if he’d never seen her before. Dressed in the most stunning of black dresses, with diamonds everywhere and long, luscious legs. His jaw dropped open and he felt paralysed with desire.

‘Claudia-Jean…you are stunning,’ he breathed, and, finally able to move his legs, he walked to her side. ‘Ready?’ He crooked his arm for her to take.

‘Thank you.’ She smiled up at him and he almost capitulated. The urge to sweep her into his arms and carry her back to their house was increasing at an alarming rate.

‘Ready to go?’ It was Bonnie who broke the spell as she walked down the corridor towards them.

CJ cleared her throat and looked away first. ‘Yes. She’s fed, burped, clean nappy and sleeping like a baby.’ Bonnie wheeled the cot down to the nurses’ station as the two of them walked behind. CJ blew her girl a kiss. ‘Sleep sweet, princess.’

Ethan led her out to the car and for once she was glad he’d put up the soft top. ‘Are you going to be warm enough?’

‘Yes. From the hospital to the car, to the restaurant, to the car, to the hospital. I should be fine.’ He walked her around to the passenger side and held the door for her. ‘Thank you.’

‘Where are we going?’ she asked as they drove along, the scent of his aftershave winding itself around her.

‘Chateau Cregg.’

‘Oh, they have a lovely restaurant there, or so I’ve heard.’

‘Never been?’


He smiled. ‘I’m delighted tonight is the first time.’

They were met at the door by the maître d’ then shown to their table. She smiled across the table at him, determined to enjoy every moment they had together. They talked on a variety of topics while they ate. Ethan told her a few stories from his childhood and the silly things he, his brother and sister had done. She was able to counter a few of them with crazy tales about herself and her sister. After dessert, they made their way back to the car.

‘It’s been a lovely evening.’ CJ sighed wistfully as Ethan pulled away from the restaurant. ‘Thank you, Ethan. You can’t know how much a night out like this means to me. In fact, I can’t recall ever having been out on a night like tonight.’

‘I’m really glad to hear that. I had a good time, too.’

‘How long is it since you’ve been out on night like this?’

Ethan slowly shook his head. ‘Far too long to even remember.’

He changed gear and indicated to turn. ‘If I hadn’t had a mild heart attack, I would never have come here. I would never have met the people of these districts, seen the way they all seem to look after each other.’ He glanced across at her for a quick moment. ‘I never would have met you and I never would have been privileged to experience Elizabeth’s birth. To see her so…complete.’ He nodded. ‘It’s how it should be.’

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