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The journey was long and spectacular, taking her to plateaus and new levels that made her believe in an eternity no one else knew about. Just her and Seth. They stayed there, somehow suspended in time as the whirlwind frenzy spiraled onward. Wrapped around his hips, her legs were locked at the ankles to keep her moving with him as they climbed together, and this time when the sudden eruption happened, it was to both of them.

She shouted his name as a moan rumbled from his chest, and he held her hips, kept them linked with his while wave after wave of limitless fulfillment fanned over her body.

The soothing quiet that came next had her releasing the sheets balled in her hands, and her legs, as weak as the rest of her, released the hold she’d had on him. Kissing her sweetly, tenderly, he rolled off her, and then wrapped both arms around her as he pulled her to his side, cradling her with such affection that moisture slipped from the corner of her eye.

It wasn’t a tear, couldn’t be, for she’d never felt so amazing. Perhaps it was a tear of joy. She’d heard of such things, and she’d never, ever, known the bliss filling her right now. After rubbing her cheek against his shoulder, she tilted her head to gaze upon him.

He kissed her forehead. “I’m sorry, darling. I promise there won’t be any pain next time.”

“Pain?” she said, still basking in the tremendous aftermath of all that had occurred. “There was no pain.” She closed her eyes. “None whatsoever.”

His hold tightened, and she spread one arm across his chest, one leg over his thigh, to snuggle as close as possible.

“I love you,” he whispered.

A real tear fell then. “I love you, too,” she answered. At least she thought the words came out. Her mind was so consumed with his statement, repeating it over and over, that she wasn’t exactly sure if she’d spoken or not. A tiny part of her tried to bring to the surface the deceit she’d just made worse, but Millie refused to allow that to happen. Not now. Content and spent, she drifted into a profound slumber.

It was still dark when something drew her awareness. Stretching, luxuriating in the way Seth was once again kissing her breasts, Millie moaned and dug her hands into his hair, keeping him there until a fresh, fantastic storm of sorts had her begging him to enter her, join her in yet another journey to the world he’d created just for her.

Afterward, while mini aftershocks still rocked them, she caught Seth’s shoulders before he could roll off her. “Don’t!” She had to catch her breath before more words could be said.

Breathing almost as hard as she, he rose, balancing on his forearms and knees so as not to crush her. She cupped his face with her hands, kissed his lips soundly. Not knowing how to explain all she felt, she whispered, “I like who I am when I’m with you.”

Seth returned her kiss, couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to. Which he didn’t. Rolling off, he folded her to his side again. “I like who you are, too.” Guilt rose inside him then, and he whispered, “Go to sleep. It’ll soon be morning.”

Her giggle caught his heart, filled him with elation, while his mind, tangled in a bizarre cobweb, tried to tell him how wrong this was. He had other secrets. Army secrets he’d go to his grave with, but this wasn’t one a man could live with. Pretending she was his wife when he knew full well she wasn’t. And he’d taken her. Until the moment it had happened, he hadn’t thought of the outcome of that.

“I guess sleep is a part of sleeping, isn’t it?” she asked, plastering her body against his like a second skin.

He liked that, too, her skin meshing with his. They’d declared their love to one another. Shared that love as intimately as two people could. It had been the greatest, most fulfilling thing he’d ever encountered. Yet in a dark cavern of his mind, a single thought kept leaping forward. She wasn’t his wife. Whether he loved her or not. Whether he wanted to be or not, he was married to someone else.

Chapter Eleven

Millie stared with tremendous longing at the bed she’d left less than an hour ago. Not because she was still tired; she awoke every morning more refreshed than the day before. But because she wondered if she’d ever see this bed again. Their bed. She sighed and closed the clasp on her traveling bag before moving to the door. Glancing over her shoulder, she found tears stinging her eyes. It had been ten days since the night he’d ridden into the darkness and she’d vowed to do whatever it took to become his wife in every way upon his return.

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