The Major's Wife - Page 34

If it was possible, her body wanted to get even closer to him.

She wiggled slightly, pressing tighter against him. Her heart leaped as if rewarded when his hand, the one resting on her hip, slid upward, rubbing her side, and the stirring in her stomach increased as he kissed the top of her head.

Millie shifted, just to glance up. The room was dark, but she could see his smile. His blue eyes held hers for several quiet moments and then a wave of delight flooded her being as his face came down to meet hers.

His lips were tender and warm, and swept over hers so gently her lips chased after them. It was fun, and created a tiny giggle. He chuckled, too, and then softly bit her bottom lip. She laughed again.

It was unfathomable, but goodness gracious, wonderful. So much so that she copied his action. It was like a game of copycat, or hide-and-seek, that ended when his mouth completely covered hers. His lips were firmer, more precise, and his hand held the back of her head. Astounded, having never experienced anything so magnificent, she arched upward and pressed her mouth fully against his.

With her head spinning and her body flaming with an inner heat, all Millie could comprehend was that his kisses were all she’d ever wanted.

Or so she thought, until his hand glided to the edge of her breast. The sensation had her toes curling, and then his palm covered one, kneading it in a way that provided such bliss she couldn’t contain the moan that bubbled in her throat.

His tongue had entered her mouth, and hers had leaped to life, twisted with his, and she didn’t want it to stop. Didn’t want any of it to end.

The heat and pressure building inside her was agonizing and wonderful at the same time. His body was so firm and hard beneath her fingertips, and a driving inner force had her scooting closer.

He stopped the kiss so abruptly she gasped, or maybe she was just breathless. She pulled air into her lungs as he kissed her forehead and then rested his chin on her head.

“We have to go to sleep. Now. Or we never will,” he whispered.

She nodded, not really sure why. There was no way she could sleep. Her very center was on fire, and her breasts were stinging, wanting him to touch them again. His hold was still strong, kept her firmly pressed against him, and she hoped—no, prayed—that he wouldn’t let her loose. Not yet, or maybe not ever.

He rubbed the top of her head with his chin and stroked her side with his hand, and the actions were comforting, slowly allowing her to relax. But even as sleep crept in, Millie continued to relive the moment, over and over again. It had been extraordinary.

The next thing she knew was that she was alone in the bed.

Startled, she sat up. Sunlight was streaming in the window. Turning, she stared at the bed, half afraid she’d dreamed it all. There was a clear indentation in the pillow next to her and a smile formed as she recalled the comfort of his shoulder beneath her head.

“Good morning.”

Her gaze snapped to the doorway, where Seth was leaning against the frame, as handsome as ever, perhaps more so.

“Good morning.” Noting he was freshly shaved and fully dressed, she said, “I must have overslept.”

“You had a rough night.”

A frown pulled at her brows. It had been the most delightful night of her life.

“I have men coming over in an hour. They’ll sweep the house for snakes.”

Her heart leaped, and she scanned the room.

A warm and gentle hand folded around her fingers. “Come on,” he said. “I’ll take you back to your room so you can dress before the men arrive.”

Embarrassment at wearing nothing more than her bedclothes stung her cheeks, but she shook her head.

“All right,” he said, “just tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you.”

She did, and he gathered it all, and then stood outside his closed bedroom door as she dressed. Her hands had never shaken so, and it had nothing to do with snakes. The fact that Seth had touched her private garments had her heart threatening to pound its way right out of her body. This should never have happened—him gathering her underclothes or her sleeping in his bed.

Once fully dressed, she fixed her hair and then straightened the bedcovers. Not sure what to do with her nightgown, Millie draped it over the footboard of the bed before moving to the door. Once the men had checked for snakes, she’d take it into her room, and make sure nothing like this happened again. Rosemary would be furious.

“Ready for breakfast?” Seth asked, holding out his arm as she opened the door.

Her heart did a complete cartwheel when he took her hand, but she managed to nod demurely. She couldn’t pull away—she was his wife. But not really, so she shouldn’t encourages such advances. Oh, good heavens, nothing made sense.