The Forgotten Daughter - Page 89

He nodded.

“That will take time,” she said. “We’ll have to find someone to manage it, maybe Karen Reynolds could help since she’ll be living up there anyway. We’ll also have to figure out where you want to build more gas stations. After we do all that, then we can decide where we want to build a house. Here by our families, or up in Duluth.” She shrugged, not really concerned over that at all. “Or wherever.”


“A house is the least of my worries, Scooter. Marrying you is what I want. Please, don’t make us wait for that,” she whispered, touching his chin with the end of her nose. “Please. My plan will work. Trust me, like I trust you.”

“I do trust you,” he said huskily. “And I know what you’re doing.”

She glanced up and grinned at the shine in his eyes.

“Teasing the hell out of me,” he said, grasping her hips. His kiss demanded a response, and she gave it freely. The greedy need she had for him was hotter and more fiery than the huge mortars he’d lit on the Fourth of July. It was impossible to contain, too. She imagined it would be this way for years to come, and was ready to start enjoying their love every day.

If he needed proof of that, she’d gladly give it. Parting her lips, she swept her tongue inside his mouth. As brilliant as any fireworks, the passion they’d shared just a few hours ago reignited between them. Just as bold, just as hot. Just as consuming.

Scooter’s kisses, his hands roaming her back, his hips pressing into hers, said it devoured him as much as it did her. With a low growl, he pulled away from the kiss and took a step back, as if the distance would help him.

She took a step back, too, hoping the distance would make him see the light.

The smile that appeared on his face came slowly at first, but grew as he shook his head. “Fine.”


He nodded. “We’ll go and get a marriage license tomorrow.”

“I knew you’d see things my way,” she said, moving back into his arms.

“You make it impossible not to,” Scooter said, his lips already pressed against hers. When they both needed air, he added, “Besides, the apartment is small enough that I’ll be able to keep one eye on you at all times.”

Josie laughed. “Just one?”