The Forgotten Daughter - Page 84

“Well, I don’t want you marrying any of the men who fill the resort continuously,” he said. “I’ve heard them whispering about you.”

She grinned and ran her hands down the front of his chest. “I don’t know about any men other than you.” Trailing one finger along the waistband of his pants, she added, “Because you are the one I want to marry.”

His hands framed her face and he gently tilted her head back. “I want to marry you, too.” Having lined up their lips, he leaned closer and kissed her deeply.

When they parted for air, Josie was gasping. The love, the need inside her, was powerful and relentless. She slipped her fingers inside the waistband of his pants. “Your britches are still wet. We should hang them to dry beside mine.”

Scooter grasped her waist and picked her up. With barely a step, he spun around and set her on the table. “You don’t let up once you’ve set your mind to something, do you?”

Shaking her head, she admitted, “No, and my mind has been set on one thing since I left the resort.” Tugging him forward, she hooked her legs around his. “I love you, Scooter, and I want you. All of you. Now and forever.”

Using one finger, he drew a line from the tip of her chin downward, between her breasts, which made her nipples tighten. His finger kept going, down to her stomach, and then back up, where it circled each breast, one at a time.

“I feel the exact same way.”

She leaned back slightly, giving him more space to continue teasing her. It was most enjoyable. “I always knew we thought a lot alike.”

He kissed her chin. “We do. My mind’s been set on one thing, too. For weeks. Months. Years.” His lips followed the trail his finger had forged. The heat of his mouth created utter turmoil inside her. Breathtaking and incredible madness spread through her so fast, she didn’t question a single impulse that sparked inside her.

His mouth had found one nipple, tasting it right through the silk. The pleasure was so great that she quivered. Unable to stand much more, she grasped his head, making him stop. Leaning back, she then grabbed the hem of her top.

Scooter groaned and pressed a hand to his heart, as if he couldn’t wait to see what she was about to uncover. She laughed and so did he.

Slowly, hoping it was as tantalizing for him as it was for her, she lifted her top, almost uncovering her breasts, but then tugged it down again.

“Oh, you are a tease,” he said huskily.

She laughed and ripped the top over her head. Flinging it at him, she laughed again when it fluttered to the floor.

Scooter grasped her arms and lifted them over her head. Gathering both of her wrists together with one hand, he used the other to play with her already taught nipples. “Let’s try this instead.” Leaning down, he kissed her breasts until she was so full of delicious and rather wicked sensations she had to lock her heels against the backs of his legs to keep from slipping off the table.

He let go of her hands, and she grasped his shoulders as he lifted her, pressing her against him. “I love you, Josie,” he whispered, “So very much.”

“I know,” she whispered, barely able to breathe. “I. Love. You. Too.”

He laughed when she finally got the whole sentence out. He was masterful. So skillful in the ways he touched her, kissed her, teased her, that she’d grown boneless. Every part of her was throbbing, begging for his attention.

Scooter lifted her completely off the table and kissed her thoroughly while he carried her to the bed, where he laid her down. The separation from him, even though she knew it would be brief, left her feeling lonely and more than a little desperate.

“Hurry, Scooter.”

“I am,” he answered, unfastening his britches.

Every ounce of her being was on fire, anticipating what was to come. What they were about to do. As that thought hit home, Josie shot upright. “Do you have a rubber?”

The expression on Scooter’s face, and the way he froze, hands on his waistband, had Josie letting out an expletive she’d never imagined using. “I’ve passed condoms out by the dozens and now when I need one they’re miles away,” she groaned, throwing herself backward, her head bouncing against the pillow on his bed.

Scooter held up a hand. “I’ll be right back.”

The thud of his footsteps running down the stairs had her shooting upright again. “Scooter, wait!” she shouted. A door slammed below. Sighing and looking heavenward, she moaned and flopped back onto the bed. The drugstore was closed at this time of the evening. Her stomach fluttered at the thought of Scooter buying condoms. Mr. Kemper wasn’t known for his ability to keep secrets. Everyone would soon know if Scooter bought some. Josie rolled to the edge of the bed, frustrated. Although she would gladly bear any number of Scooter’s children, she would prefer they got married before one was conceived.