Lady Lavender - Page 76

“I do,” Jeanne admitted. “It is a nice farm, is it not? I like it very much.”

“Did you know this was my father’s place? Before he died he turned the Bar H into the Double H, hoping I’d come home to stay after the War.”

Jeanne just looked at him, her blue-green eyes widening.

“No, I did not know. That is perfect, then!” She admired the gold band on her finger. “You are Wash Halliday. And I am now Jeanne Halliday. Does that not make a Double H?”

Wash could not answer. The joy he felt made everything glow with an extra-bright luster.

For a long moment they simply stood together on a hill overlooking their farm. Then Wash and Jeanne Halliday, married that morning in the Smoke River Catholic Church, joined hands and bent to admire their daughter Manette’s new collection of spiders.