Until I Make You Mine - Page 8

She was in love with me.

This was everything that I’d wanted, everything I’d ever dreamed about.

I didn’t say anything because right now it was just pure instinct that took over. I closed the distance that separated us, my keys dropping to the ground as I wrapped her up in my arms and pulled her close. I cupped the back of her head and she looked up at me, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly parted.

My gaze zeroed in on her pink lips, my mouth watering for a taste. And I didn’t deny myself any longer.

My girl loved me.

I slammed my mouth down on hers, slipping my tongue into the warm, sweet recesses, groaning at how addictive she was.

I didn’t know how long I kissed her, but I knew I could’ve done it forever.

When I pulled back, we were both gasping for air, our arms wrapped around each other, this look of wonder covering her face. I knew I probably looked the same way.

“I’ve been in love with you for so long, Shiloh. And I’m sorry for the way I acted, but seeing you with someone else, whether it was friendly or not, set me off. I feel possessive of you, protective. I’m a selfish bastard when it comes to you, but I am sorry.” She gave me a small smile. “I shouldn’t have gone about it like that. And when I asked you out, it should’ve been done the right way, with me telling you how I feel.” I smoothed my finger along her cheek, her skin so soft, the scent of flowers coming from her. She was perfect in every way, and I knew I’d beat myself up for the rest of my life for not making a move sooner.

I leaned down and kissed her again, sweet and soft, gently. Her nails dug into my arms, holding me close. I fucking loved it. I pulled back and smiled, feeling like I’d just won the fucking lottery.

“I’m off for the rest of the night,” I said, hoping she’d want to spend more time with me. “I don’t want to end this time with you yet.” The very thought of letting her go home was not something I even wanted to contemplate.

“Let’s go for a ride. Let’s just go and talk. I feel like the last two days were a lifetime.” I closed my eyes and rested my head against hers.

“That’s the truth.”

And then I helped her into the cab of my truck, telling her we’d pick up her car later, that I needed her close. I knew where I would take her, somewhere perfect and private, somewhere we could be alone.

And that’s all I wanted. To be with Shiloh.

Chapter Five


“Kace, it’s locked up. We’ll get in trouble if we’re caught.”

I glanced over at her, my hand on the door handle, a grin on my face. She looked so worried with her eyes wide and her hands clutching the edges of her jacket.

“We can’t just break in. It’s not, you know, legal.” She looked at the gate I was about to break open. She glanced back at me.

I grinned. “Baby, everything’s legal if you don’t get caught.”

“Oh God,” she whispered.

I jumped out of the truck heading towards the gate, working the chain from around the metal, and then I swung the door open.

I was about to trespass on private property with a lake owned by the Rice family. They were rich, the wealthiest family in town, owning a good chunk of land, this lake included. But I knew they rarely came out this way, and had somebody come mow down a path every month.

So Shiloh and I would have some alone time. It was a hell of a lot better than sitting in a parking lot, or going to the movies. Besides, ambience was everything.

Once the gate was open, I got back in my truck and pulled forward. I put it in park, hopped out to close the gate so it wasn’t obvious we were here, and once back in the vehicle, I headed down the uneven gravel road to where the lake was.

Luckily, I could tell it had been mowed recently, with the underbrush clear two cars wide. On either side of us were thick trees and weeds as tall as I was. It was a good drive down the road, but my headlights finally showed the massive lake.

I turned my car around so it was now parallel with the lake, cut the engine and lights, and looked at Shiloh. The moon was bright enough that I didn’t have to turn on the interior light to see her. The silvery glow washed through the window and made her look even more gorgeous.

She shifted on the seat and looked at me, lifting her hand and running her fingers through her hair. A groan was ripped from me.

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