Until I Make You Mine - Page 16

His dick was long and thick, and when he pulled almost all the way out, I saw the glossiness of my arousal coating the length. He shifted a little more, grabbed my hips, and pulled me down, using my body to thrust in deep.

I gasped and he moaned.

“That’s it.” He glanced up at me and held my gaze with his. “That’s so fucking it, baby.”

He ran his thumbs along my pussy lips, gently, softly, pulling my lips apart while he pushed in and then pulled out. Over and over. Slow and steady.

I couldn’t breathe, let alone think of what was happening. I’d dreamed about this moment for so long, that actually being here, experiencing it, made me feel like I was living another life.

“Kace, please. I’m going to come.” He moved his hands to my hips, dug his fingertips into my flesh. “Take me,” I all but cried, needing everything he could give me.

And then as if his control finally snapped, he started pushing in and pulling out of me faster, harder. “You’re mine. Every fucking part of you, Shiloh. Isn’t that right?”

I nodded, not able to find my voice as I reached out to hold on to him as he fucked me, made love to me passionately, brutally.

“Kace,” I cried out as pleasure consumed me.

The sound of his cock moving in and out of me filled my ears. It was an auditory orgasm.

I watched in this daze as he leaned back, placed his thumb on my clit, and rubbed that bud back and forth. I was so wet his actions were seamless, fluid. The juicy sounds of him touching me, fucking me, had me on the precipice of exploding.

And the whole time he had his focus trained right on my face, watching my expression. I knew he wanted to see me come.

“Let go for me, Shiloh.”

His words had me falling over the edge. I came for him.

“God, you’re gorgeous when you get off,” he grunted. “Fuck, I’m going to come.”

“Don’t stop.” God, I hoped he didn’t stop. Not now. Not ever.

“I’ll never stop, Shiloh. Never.” He thrust in deep. “You’re mine.” Kace leaned back and looked at where we were connected. “So. Fucking. Perfect.”

God. I was going to come again from his words alone.

“Kace. Oh. God. I’m coming again.”

I felt my inner muscles clamp down around him, heard his grunt, knew it was because his pleasure was increasing. We both moaned, the heat in the room increasing, our skin sticky and sweaty. He started fucking me faster. Harder.

Kace consumed me.

“God, yes.” He thrust into me harder. “How much more do you want?” He panted those words out, the air sawing in and out of his parted mouth.

“I want it all.” My orgasm slammed into me so I couldn’t breathe.

And then he tensed and I knew he was getting off right along with me.

“Fuck,” he gritted out.

He filled me up, and I swore I felt him get thicker inside of me. His hips kept slamming against mine, and sensation after sensation filled me.

It was long seconds before his body finally relaxed.

“Can we just stay like this?” I whispered, my eyes closed and contentment filling me.

“That sounds like perfection to me.” But he rolled off me, the sense of loss consuming me right away.

But he didn’t allow that loss to last. He pulled me in close, our sweaty bodies pressed together.

He wrapped his arm around my waist, keeping me close. I felt his cum start to slip from my body, the warmth reminding me of what we’d just done. I’d lost my virginity to Kace, and he’d given me his. Everything had come full circle, and it had gone exactly how I’d always envisioned it.

I shifted on the bed slightly, turning so I could look at him. He had this aroused glint in his eyes, this knowledge that I knew he was fully aware of what was slipping from my body.

And then he moved his hand between my legs and teased my sensitive opening, and pushed a finger inside at the same time he leaned in and kissed me. “I will always belong right here.”

Maybe we should have been more careful, used protection, or at the very least had him pull out. But this was Kace. I trusted him with my life, and knew that if I did get pregnant, he’d be with me every step of the way.

“This will always be mine, Shiloh. You will always be mine.”

A shiver worked its way through me. “Yes,” I murmured.

He smoothed his fingers through my folds, teased my clit, but then pulled his hand from between my thighs before I knew what was happening.

I braced my elbow on the bed, rising up and placing my mouth on his.

I’d never get enough.

He pulled me back against him and I let myself sink against the hardness of his body. We lay there in silence, the feeling that everything was finally the way it was supposed to be making me feel content, safe, and happy.

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