Until I Make You Mine - Page 15

I was losing my fucking mind, but God, I wanted to be lost.

I closed my eyes. “The feeling of you is making me lose it, baby.” I thrust all my inches into her, then retreated, back and forth over and over again. She was so hot, so wet and tight for me.

She looked up at me, her eyes wide, her mouth parted. I slammed into her especially hard, and she gasped.

I stilled.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I groaned. “I’m sorry, baby.” I leaned down, kissed her, and wished I could make this perfect for her.

“Don’t stop,” was all she said.

“Never.” I started moving in and out of her slowly, trying to be as gentle as I could.

I had my hands on the bed beside her head. My biceps and forearms were clenched tight, my upper body braced, holding myself up over her. I thrust in and out, my balls slapping the soft skin of her ass every time I pushed inside.

“Fuck, Shiloh.” The feeling of her cunt squeezing my cock and the look of pure lust on her face had me almost getting off right then and there.

I looked at her breasts, the perfectly shaped mounds bouncing as I fucked her and made her mine. Her nipples were pink, her chest flushed from her arousal and the exertion.

I leaned down and ran my tongue around her nipple. She arched for me. She tasted so sweet, so fucking good.

She tasted like mine.

There was no way I could control myself. Fuck, I didn’t even want to.

I shifted so I could place my hands on her inner thighs, spread her legs as far as they would go, and stared at her pussy.



Shiloh was all mine.

Chapter Eight


I’d never felt anything like this discomfort, but then again, I’d never felt this kind of desire either. My desire and love for Kace made this the most intense experience of my life.

We were giving each other something that no one else would ever have.

That meant everything.

“Are you okay, Shiloh?” He sounded so concerned.

“I’m perfect. This is perfect.”

He consumed every part of me.

His motions were slow and easy, gentle but consuming. I reached up and grabbed his shoulders, the muscles tight beneath my hands, clenching and relaxing with each thrust and retreat. I curled my nails into his skin.

He started pulling out a little faster and pushing in a little harder. Beads of sweat covered his temple, his focus on me, his desire clear.

With each second that discomfort faded and pleasure took its place, washing through me.

Feeling Kace over me, his strength pushing me down onto the mattress, my legs spread wide to accommodate him, was all I needed in life. I held on, not wanting him to stop, not wanting this to end. All I could do was absorb what I felt, and let it mix with my emotions.

“Does it feel good, Shiloh baby?” He pushed into me deep.

Pleasure slammed into me. “So good, Kace.”

He grunted, closed his eyes, and thrust in deep. My back arched on its own, my breasts brushing his chest, my nipples rock hard.

I wanted it harder, faster. I wanted this to last, but I also wanted to get off, to let that pleasure wash through me … all because of Kace.

The feeling of his hardness to my softness, of his masculinity to my femininity, made me so crazy with arousal I couldn’t stand it. I never could have imagined how this would actually be.

“Kiss me again, Kace. Please. I need it,” I begged. I needed his mouth on mine.

He kissed me until I was clutching on to him, until I didn’t feel anything but pleasure. And when I felt him hit something deep within me, my inner muscles clenched around his girth, trying to take him in more.

“Yes, Shiloh. Christ. Yes.” Kace really moved then. “So good.” He pulled out, only the thick head of his dick at my entrance now. He pushed deep into me again, pushing me up on the mattress, my back burning slightly from the friction. “I fucking love you,” he said again and again, repeating himself as if it were his mantra.

This was my life.

Kace was my life. And the very thought of leaving him hurt too badly. I didn’t even think I could do it, didn’t even want to think about it.

Every time he sank into me, pushed another inch into my body, I knew we were becoming one even more.

I felt my breasts shake from the force of his thrusting, felt the air tease my skin.

“You see what you do to me?”

I could only nod.

“I love you.” He groaned those three words out.

“I love you,” I gasped in return. I lifted up, using my elbows to brace my upper body on the mattress, and watched as he fucked me, as his cock moved in and out of me. He shifted so I could see better, leaned back on his knees and placed his hands between my thighs, framing my pussy.… so he could see better.

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