Until I Make You Mine - Page 14

“Do you want me here?” he asked and gently pushed a finger into me.

“Yes.” I moaned that lone word out.

“God, I want to be right there too, Shiloh.”

But just when I thought I’d have to beg for him to finally claim me, he pulled back, grabbed his huge cock, and started stroking himself from root to tip. He reached between my thighs again, gathered my arousal on his fingers, and brought it back to his dick. I watched in an aroused haze as he used my lubrication to slick his dick up so he could jerk off, all the while watching me.

“You like watching me?”

I nodded, not about to lie. “I need you already.” I was wet, soaked, my cream sliding down the crease of my ass and no doubt making a wet spot on the bed.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. He was huge, thick and long, the head slightly bulbous, the slit at the tip covered in pre-cum. I felt how slick his length was, my arousal the reason why.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” he asked.

“I’ve been ready for you my entire life.” I started stroking him, up and down, steady and slow. He groaned again, the muscles in his neck standing out from how tense he was, from how strained his body was. He was controlling himself so much right now. I could tell, see it … feel it.

“You’ll never fully know how much I love you, how beautiful I think you are.” His voice was thick, his focus on me. His eyes were hooded, the expression seeming almost feral.

This was uncharted territory for me, but the way he breathed, the fact he moaned, told me I was doing something right.

I started rubbing my palm up and down his length, tightening my grip, making him groan with each stroke.

“God, baby. Yes.”

My eyes widened as I watched his big body arch, as if he couldn’t control himself.

“Shiloh, I’m going to come if you keep that up.” He gently pushed my hand away, his eyes half-lidded, his chest rising and falling. “I don’t know if I can do this foreplay anymore. I need you too fucking much.”

I nodded. “I need you too.”


I wanted to drag this out, but another part of me, the impatient, selfish part, couldn’t handle it. I wouldn’t last if she kept touching me, hell, if she even looked at me. I was about to come as it was.

I stared down at her for long seconds. She was so beautiful, and it was hard for me to realize she was really here with me, that this was really going to happen. The moonlight washed over her, making Shiloh seem almost otherworldly.

God. Perfection. That’s what she was.

“I’m ready for you,” Shiloh whispered.

My cock jerked, my balls drawn up tight. I ran my finger over her lips, pulling her bottom one slightly down and letting go so the flesh bounced back into place.

Shiloh pulled me down close, our mouths inches apart. “No more waiting.”

My muscles were contracted, my body ready to take hers. I groaned, wanting to take this easy, to memorize this moment, ingrain it in my head. But I felt like I was about to lose my fucking mind.

My cock was so damn hard, and pre-cum was a constant at the tip of my shaft. This went above everything or anything I could have ever imagined. Hell, even when I jerked off to the thought of Shiloh, never had my arousal been this intense and I’d thought of some pretty filthy things.

“I’ll never get enough of you.”

“Me either,” she moaned softly.

I reached down and placed my hand on her wet pussy. She arched her back, her mouth parting as she sucked in air. I ran my fingers up and down her cleft, moving the digits around her clit, teasing her until she was crying out for more.

“This is mine, isn’t it?” I placed my hand over her pussy, her heat and wetness making my cock jerk. “Tell me it’s only mine,” I demanded.

“It’s only yours.”

“That’s right.” I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think straight. “Say it again.”

“It’s yours, Kace.” She looked right into my eyes.

I grunted.

I teased her clit, rubbing that bundle back and forth, watching the pleasure move across her face. I moved my thumb down to her pussy hole, teasing the entrance, gently dipping it in, making her feel me there too.

“How does that feel?”

“Perfect. So good.” She sounded breathless.

I leaned down again, taking her lips in another hard, passionate kiss. She opened her mouth wider for me, and I plunged my tongue inside. I needed my cock in her pussy now. I needed to take her virginity, needed to give her mine.

“Spread wider for me,” I moaned against her mouth. When she did what I said, I reached between us once more to grab my cock, rubbing the tip up and down her pussy. I pressed my hips tighter against hers.

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