Until I Make You Mine - Page 13

She gazed up at me, a look of innocence written on her face.

Maybe I should have said gentle, sweet things. But right now, I was feral for her. “I want to be deep inside you, so deep there isn’t a place I’m not touching.” She gasped. “I want to claim you. I want you to own me in the same way I want to own you.”

Her pupils dilated after I spoke.

I was transfixed as I stared at her.

I knew there was no way I could make this last, not with how much I wanted her. I let my gaze travel over her legs and stopped for a second to stare at her pussy. God, she was so fucking gorgeous. I lifted my gaze to her breasts, the mounds perfect, and not more than a handful. And her nipples were tipped pink, the hard nubs standing on point, as if eager for my mouth.

I couldn’t stop myself as I lowered my mouth to hers, kissing her for a second, running my tongue over her top lip then did the same to her bottom. She tasted so fucking sweet.

The sound she made was sweet, erotic, and all for me.

“I need you,” she said against my mouth. My control was slipping, barely hanging on as it was. I didn’t want to totally lose it with her.

“I need you too, Shiloh.” The desperation was clear in my voice. “I’ll never get enough.”

“Kace, please.” She said those words softly.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

She reached out and touched my chest. “I won’t break.”

My throat tightened, my cock jerked, and I prayed I didn’t shoot my load before this had even started.

“Be with me, Kace. I want you.”


“Don’t worry,” she whispered.

I was going to lose it right now, lose it before I even had her. If what she wanted was me, she’d get every part until I was nothing.

Chapter Seven


I knew that being with Kace would change everything, but as I looked into his face, I knew that it would only be for the better.

He looked at me like a man who was madly in love. And I knew I looked at him the same way. How could I not?

He’d waited for me, saved himself for me like I had for him. It was all so perfect.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment so many times,” he murmured. I could see in his expression that he would take me the way he wanted to. And God, I looked forward to that.

“I’m the only one who will know what your pussy feels like.” He said those words with so much possession, I felt it in my very marrow. “I’ll be the only one who knows how wet you get when you’re turned on, how hot you feel.”

A small gasp left me.

“I’ve only ever wanted you, Kace.”

He closed his eyes and groaned. “And it’s only ever been you for me, Shiloh.”

I lifted my hands and ran them up his arms, trying to pull him closer.

He let out this deep exhale and I watched as his pupils dilated. The seconds passed, our breathing increased, and his body seemed to get hard, readying itself for me, for us.

We kissed for long seconds and he plunged his tongue in and out of my mouth, claiming me, making me taste all of him, feeling the masculinity that poured from him.

We kissed for long moments, our bodies pressed together, the heat increasing. When he broke the kiss, I sucked in air. I was breathless and needy, wanting more.

He moved his mouth along my cheek, over my jaw, and started sucking at my pulse point right below my ear. The feeling of his tongue on me had a wave of sensations moving through my body.

His hard cock dug into me, this steel rod that was because of me.

Kace pulled away and I looked at his hard, smooth chest, at the definition of his muscle and strength, and felt myself get weak.

“I’m so fucking hard for you.”

I licked my lips, feeling exactly how hard he was.

“Show me where you want me, Shiloh.”

God, could I be so bold?

My heart was thundering, and my hand shook as I lifted it, smoothed it along my belly, and finally touched right between my legs. A sigh left me when his fingers touched the most sensitive part of me.

He groaned and closed his eyes. “Right there, baby?”

I nodded even though he couldn’t see me. “Yes,” I whispered.

We were both breathing so hard, and I felt beads of sweat line the valley between my breasts. I heard my heart thundering in my ears, felt it in my throat.

And before I could react to what he was doing, Kace reached out and ran his finger right through my center.

“Oh. God,” I mewled out.

He teased my clit, gently fingered my entrance, not penetrating me, just tempting me with the promise.

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