Until I Make You Mine - Page 10

I trailed my lips along her neck, running the tip of my tongue on her skin, tasting how good she was. I latched my lips around the side of her throat and sucked at the same time she started rocking back and forth on me. I wanted her to get off, wanted to let that pleasure and knowledge that I’d caused her to feel that way claim me.

“God, Kace,” she whispered.

I could have come in my jeans from that sound alone.

“I want you.” Her voice was so low, so soft.

“You have no idea how much I want you.” I lifted my hips slightly, digging my hard dick against her. She let out the sexiest little mewl.

I lifted my head, about to kiss her again, but she leaned back slightly.

“What is it, baby?”

She didn’t answer right away, but the way she licked her lips, the fact she looked at me with so much pleasure, had every male part of me roaring out.

“I want you,” she whispered again. “I want you right here, right now.”

I felt my heart literally stop in my chest at her words. My hands curled tighter around her waist involuntarily, my body reacting as if I had no control.

“Take me.” She leaned in and kissed me softly. “Take my virginity.”

I closed my eyes and groaned. “I can’t take you here. You deserve better.”

She kissed me softly, little moans coming from her. “But I need you. I’ve waited so long.”

Fuck, she was going to be the death of me.

We rested our foreheads together and breathed out roughly. I wanted to be a gentleman and do this the right way, take my time with her. But the truth was I was too fucking selfish where she was concerned. I wanted her like a fucking addict.

“My parents are working the night shift at the hospital tonight.” She pulled back, looking me in the eyes.

Thank God for her folks being nurses. Night shift sounded pretty fucking perfect in this moment, seeing as that meant I could be with my girl.

“Take me to my place.”

I leaned in and kissed her, knowing that it would have been hot as hell to take her right here in the cab, but also knowing she deserved a bed.

I pulled back and looked at her lips. Her mouth was slightly red and swollen from our kisses, and that had the possessive side of me rising up. I was so damn proprietary of her.

“Tonight I’m going to make you mine.”

Chapter Six


We all but fell through my bedroom door, the arousal I felt unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

“I’ve wanted you for so fucking long,” he said in this low rumble.

I didn’t want to think about anything but right now. Because if I let myself really think about leaving for school … leaving Kace after just starting—whatever this was with him—I might just break down and ruin everything.

So instead of saying anything, I pressed my body to his, speared my hands in his hair, and pulled him close. I slammed my mouth on his, knowing I was being frantic, desperate.

He opened his mouth instantly and our tongues touched, a little moan leaving me at the feel, the taste, the smell of him. I was so hot and consumed, so aroused.

What we’d been doing in the car had started this fire in me and it was raging now, taking over every inch of me. And still we kept kissing.

I slid my hands down his hard, muscular chest and grabbed the end of his shirt, pulling it up and breaking the kiss only long enough to get the material over his head. He had his hands on my lower back, pulling me close and kissing me again as soon as the shirt was tossed aside.

The feel of his steely, stiff erection pressing against my belly had a fresh gush of wetness spilling from me. I felt dizzy and hot and like I’d float away if he wasn’t holding on to me. He was then gripping the edge of my shirt.

But he didn’t pull it up right away, instead slipping his hands underneath the material and holding on to my waist, his big palms making me feel small and feminine. He used a little bit of pressure with his fingertips to pull me closer at the same time he thrust forward, digging his erection into my belly, grinding himself slightly against me.

A gasp left me at the knowledge I was the reason he was so lost in sensation, so mindless in his need. I was too far gone to prolong this.

So I broke the kiss and tore at my shirt, tossing it aside and immediately going for the button of my pants. I pulled at the zipper and was about to push the denim down my thighs when his hands on mine stopped me. His broad chest rose and fell rapidly, the air in the room so hot I felt beads of sweat covering my body.

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