Elizabeth - Page 6

“Miss Sebatian?”

“Yes, Mr. Chambers?”

“Go ahead and close the door. Apparently, my other passenger isn’t going to be making it either,” I said.

“Yes, Mr. Chambers. We’ll get you up in the air soon enough.”

I watched my personal flight attendant walk over to the stairs to get them pulled up. I tried Justin’s bright idea. It wasn’t my fault the woman didn’t know how to set an alarm. I tried it, and it didn’t work. Which meant I was officially off the hook.

Then, I heard the clicking of heels coming up the stairs.

“Sir?” the flight attendant asked.


“I believe your party has arrived.”

A woman came around the corner, and the second I saw her, two things happened. My cock stiffened against my pants, and my anger flew out of control. I gripped my phone tightly as the long-legged, brown-haired beauty came walking down the aisle with her head held high, her long neck accented with a dainty emerald necklace and her suitcase rolling behind her.

It was the beauty I told Justin not to hire.

When it rained in my world, it poured.

“Mr. Chambers. I’m Elizabeth. Your companion for the week.”

She came close and held out her hand, and her scent blanketed me. Musky, with a slight hint of fruit. An expensive scent that forced all the veins in my groin to pulse. I looked down at her hand, at the dainty fingers decorated in the slimmest rings. Rose gold, a beautiful color that accented the lightly tanned nature of her softness. I was so distracted by her grace and her long, fluid legs that I’d almost forgotten to respond.

This was exactly what I didn’t want to happen. Exactly what I didn’t need this week.

“Phillip Chambers,” I said as I took her hand. “But call me Phil. Or any other pet name you wish to regard me as for the week.”

“I took a look at the file my boss put together on you. I thought something along the lines of ‘sweetheart’ or ‘schnookums’ might suffice.”

I whipped my gaze up to hers, and she graced me with the smallest grin. A sense of humor. A dry sense of humor.

My cock throbbed as I gazed into her hazel eyes.

Her long brown hair was set in natural waves that cascaded just beyond her shoulders. Her eyes were highlighted with a neutral eyeshadow and cat-winged eyeliner that drew me into her mysterious grace. Her shoulders were strong yet harnessed a delicacy that dripped into her voluptuous bosom. Her waist fell inward, beckoning to my hands as I took in the softness and warmth of her handshake. I released her, concerned that if I kept a grip on her I’d soon find my palms at her hips with my face between her thighs.

What I wouldn’t give to toss those legs over my shoulders and fold her in half.

“Mr. Chambers? Miss Elizabeth? It’s time to buckle up and take off.”

I peeled my gaze away from her face and nodded toward my flight attendant.

“Of course, thank you, Miss Sebastian. Elizabeth, won’t you take a seat?”

“I’ll get these for you,” the flight attendant said as she took Elizabeth’s suitcase.

She sat down with ease into the leather seat across the aisle from me. Her deft fingers quickly buckled her body into the seat before she crossed one smooth leg over the other. My eyes drifted along her lines, along the long form she donned before taking in her heels—red-bottomed with a black, sleek outline. Saucy, but with a conservative cover.

I felt the back of my neck heat as I cleared my throat.

I didn’t have time for distractions. Not when a huge deal like Cristoff Bauer’s partnership was on the line. I released the grip on my phone and opened up a text message to Justin. I had a very serious bone to pick with him.

What the hell is wrong with you? This was the woman I specifically asked you not to request.

He shot back with a response that made me chew on my inner cheek.

I did. Her name was Tiffany. But her passport was expired, and Elizabeth was the only other woman with the necessary skills to pull this off. She’ll be fine. Good luck.

I was tempted to shoot him a text message back to tell him to choke on his own vomit, but I resisted. The plane began to taxi on the tarmac, and I slipped my phone in my pocket. I needed to calm myself down. Take deep breaths and not think about the fact that the most beautiful woman alive was sitting across the damn aisle from me. I snuck a glance at her and watched her turn her head. That long, graceful neck swiveled, and her veins rolled underneath her glistening skin. I held back a groan as I watched her gaze out the window, losing herself in her own little world as she folded her hands in her lap.

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