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I crashed my lips against hers again and allowed myself to be swept under by her. My hands slid up the sides of her thighs and hooked into her lacy panties. I tugged the pathetic red fabric from her body until it snapped, falling to the balcony in tatters. She gasped and held on to me as I kissed every part of her exposed body—her chest, her cleavage, her neck, her ear. I pulled her away from the balcony and bent her over, looking out along the beautiful property Cristoff had brought us to.

I’d fuck this beautiful woman while she called out into the night.

Her ass pushed into me as I pulled my cock out. My pants slid down my legs, pooling at my ankles as it flopped out onto her ass cheeks. What a lovely view, the bloom of her ass. Her thick hips and luscious thighs and long legs made her perfect for what I was about to do with her. My hand twisted into her hair and pulled her face up, and it released a plethora of sounds that graced my ears and made my cock jump for her.

“Phillip, please. Don’t stop. Don’t stop like you did those other times.”

For a split second, I thought I heard something akin to sadness in her voice. I ran the head of my cock up and down her ass crack, then slowly pressed the tip into her dripping entrance. Her warmth encompassed me. Her walls shivered around me. I felt her long, luscious legs lock as her body pressed back into me, swallowing my cock with her pussy.

I bent to her neck and kissed it reverently—slowly, tantalizingly—until she moaned into the night and forced my hand.

I slammed into her ass, my pelvis meeting her soft skin. She jumped for me, pressed against the railing as she groaned out into the Vienna nighttime. Her walls fluttered around my cock. She reached back and gripped me around my wrist. I fisted her hair, drawing her upward to me until her dress barely covered our salacious activities and I could put my face into the crook of her neck. My arms draped around her. I palmed her clothed tits and nipped at her skin. Her legs spread for me as wide as they could go as I slid in and out of her wet walls.

“Phillip. Holy shit, you feel incredible.”

I growled into her skin as my legs faltered. I stumbled back, the electricity surging through my body too much. I dragged us over to the table and wiped my arm across it, listening as gold-rimmed plates and crystal champagne flutes went crashing to the ground. I slid out from between Elizabeth’s legs and planted her back onto the table. I didn’t give a shit about the things I’d broken. It would be nothing to pay Cristoff back. My lips crashed back to hers as I guided my dick into her pussy, and her long leg wrapped around me in ways that made my head spin.

I’d never forget this night. Not for a damn second.

Her hands were everywhere. My back. My hair. My neck. My ass. She curled her fingernails into my skin and rolled her hips to meet mine. I felt myself unraveling. I was drowning in her scent and in the feeling of her. Rivers of juices poured down my balls and drenched my thighs as our tongues did battle. I couldn’t contain myself. I felt the animal within me pulling at the chain.

And the second her heels dug into my lower back, the chain snapped.

I reared up and tossed her legs over my shoulders. I fisted her hips, drawing her and her comfortable excess to my body. I pounded into her, watching our connection as her pussy trembled for me. Her hands curled around the edge of the table, and I felt her pussy draw me in. But I wasn’t ready to for us to explode. I wasn’t ready for her to finish. I wanted to explore her more, to cherish her more. Indulge in her more.

So, I backed off and listened to that beautiful little whimper fall from her lips.

“Phil, please.”

My hands pressed into the glass table as her panting filled the space around us. Phil. A nickname. One that wasn’t faked or conjured up, just raw and filled with such sultry passion my cock leaked into her body. I gazed into her eyes. I felt her move her hips as her half-hooded eyes of lust tried to look up at me.

I knew how I wanted her.

I knew how I wanted to make her cum.

Scooping her in my arms, I sat us back into a chair. Her legs straddled me, her heels sitting into the cement floor below us. Our foreheads connected as her pussy slid all the way down my cock, her juices drenching my lap. I slid my hands up her thighs, taking in her soft skin underneath my fingertips. I kissed her nose, her cheeks. I suckled on her lower lip. She shivered against me as the wind kicked up around us, and I grabbed her thighs and guided her how I wanted her to move.

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