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“Then you should have no issues recalling what I told you.”


“Does this mean it’s my turn to sink my teeth into you?”

My eyes flew open at his question as his grin turned into a full-blown mischievous smile.

“What?” I asked.

“You sank your teeth into me in quite a beautiful fashion for not remembering a thing from that conversation. Does this mean I get the same chance?”

I pulled my foot away from his, reeling with the mixed signals.

“This music is beautiful. Would you like to dance?” I asked.

“One thing I do not do is dance.”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t learn.”

“I’m still processing the horse lesson from earlier,” he said.

I felt his foot come creeping back over to me, and I stood from my chair.

“Come on. Dance with me,” I said as I held out my hand.

“So you want to dance with me, but you don’t want my foot nestled against yours.”

“Don’t go down that road with me. You won’t win it,” I said.

I wiggled my fingers and looked down upon him before he slipped his hand into mine. He stood from his hair and stepped out from behind the table before quickly gathering me in his arms. He swayed us side to side, spinning my body around in a slow circle as the light music wafted from whatever corner of the house it was coming from. The moonlight above us drenched him in a wonderful glow. The heat of his body rumbled along my skin. I closed my eyes and slid my arms around his neck, absorbing the way his hands pressed into the small of my back.

“I find it hard to resist you, Elizabeth.”

His rumbling voice rolled over my ears, like dark chocolate bubbling over the edge of a fountain.

“Then why are you?” I asked.

His lips dipped into the crook of my neck and kissed me lightly. Shivers flooded my spine as I sighed into his shoulder. We swayed to the music as his hands roamed my body, gathering the fabric of my dress in his palms. Was that what this was all about? Him simply trying to resist me? The give and take he was coating me in, the mixed signals and the incessant want to be near me before moving away from me...

It was all in an attempt to resist me?

My head fell back as his lips nipped at my skin. His knuckles caressed the back of my thigh as our swaying stopped. I felt my lower back pressing into the railing of the balcony, and I threaded my fingers through his hair. Phillip’s teeth grazed over my neck as his hand slid up the skin of my thigh. My leg rose around him, hooking around his hips as his other arm held my back. I clung to him, rolled my hips into him, and peppered the side of his face with kisses as he coated my body in his touch. I felt myself coming undone in his arms. I felt my mind yielding to him. Whatever he wanted to do with me, I knew I would provide. Whatever he needed from me, I knew I would gladly give.

The wind that cascaded over Cristoff’s property fluttered my brown hair, tousling the natural waves I’d worn them in for the evening.

“I can’t focus on work when you’re around,” Phillip said into my skin.

His breath was hot on my exposed chest.

“He isn’t even here. There’s no work to be done,” I said breathlessly.

I wanted him badly. More than I’d wanted any other client. My pussy filled my lacy panties with juices that coated my thighs. I slid my hands through his hair, pressing his face farther into my bosom. With him, it didn’t feel like sex for money. With him, it felt almost as if it were real. In the arms of Phillip, I felt like a woman. I felt alive.

I felt like myself again.

“I have to have you. I can’t stop it.”

His voice was hot, thick, growling with a need for my body. Electricity shot to my core, and my nipples puckered so tightly they hurt as they slid against my bra.

“I’m not stopping you.”

I lifted my head and looked at him as his face rose from my breasts.

“No one’s stopping you except you,” I said.

Chapter 17


It felt as if my body had been set on fire. Every sense, every touch, every caress of her fingernails sent me into a frenzied state. I’d never been with a woman as hot as Elizabeth. Hell, I hadn’t been with a woman in years. She knew just how to touch me, how to please me, how to impress me. From her small squeezes on my knee to her coy little smiles whenever she poked fun at me, all of it swirled around my head and pushed me further into a destination I knew would swallow me whole.

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