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I gripped her thighs and hoisted her up the tree. I heard the fabric of her outfit tear even more, and I grinned into her lips. This tree would have her naked for me before I could get her that way, and I didn’t give a shit about it. I didn’t care that we were in the middle of the woods. I didn’t care that we were within eyesight of Cristoff’s horses. I didn’t care that he was waiting for us on some stupid hilltop so he could talk to us about the view of the land he owned, so he could stroke the cock of his own inflated ego.

All I cared about was Elizabeth.

All I cared about was feeling her completely the way my body had been screaming for.

I released her lips and kissed down her neck. Her legs wrapped around me as I pressed her against the tree. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head, feeling her rolling her hips into my aching cock. Her wetness was astounding. Her heat was overwhelming. Her scent drowned out the smells and sounds of the forest as I kissed my way to her chest. I mouthed over her clothed breasts. I felt her nipples pucker so tightly they pushed through the fabric of her shirt. My hands curled deeply into the excess of her thighs as her long legs wrapped and locked around my form.

I was going to have her against this tree, and nothing was going to stop me.

“Phillip! Elizabeth! You two okay?”

My head whipped up from Elizabeth’s chest, and our eyes connected.

“Sassy? What are you doing tied up to—?”

I dropped Elizabeth’s wrists and pulled away from her. I helped her stand on her as she unraveled her legs from me. I cleared my throat and shook my head, trying to clear the haze of lust from my mind. Cristoff’s horse ventured off the path toward us, and I moved my pants around to try and hide the clear-cut evidence of my want for Elizabeth.

“I should have known the two of you were up to no good,” Cristoff said.

“Can you blame us? This creek is beautiful,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

“The two of you are so in love you can’t keep your hands off one another. Maybe I should ride on back to the stables and let you two have some privacy?”

For the love of fuck, yes.

The plea entered my mind, and it gave me pause. I looked over at Elizabeth as she bantered back and forth with this man, but I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. I was shaken, riveted by the way her lips moved. Every single part of her was surprising and astounding. She was intelligent, well-spoken, well-mannered, graceful. I’d never been so drawn to a woman before. She was too damn perfect, even for a call girl who was supposedly trained in forms such as this one.

Call girl.


Shit, I was falling into her trap.

This was her job. Her profession. Men paid money to sleep with women like her. And judging by the outfits and jewelry she donned on a daily basis, they paid her lavish amounts of money to do so. It was her job to be perfect. It was her job to sleep with other men. It was her job to play the part and act the part and sell it by any means necessary.

Including getting caught almost fucking against a tree in the forest.


Her voice ripped me from my trance, and I looked over at her. Suddenly, her irresistibility faded from her face. Multiple men had kissed those lips, had possessed her body. Had taken her in any way they chose. All because they paid her to. None of that truth diminished her beauty, but it tossed cold water onto the stark reality of our existence.

This was fake. None of it was real. And the second I digested that fact, I felt my cock finally give me some relief.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Are you okay to get back on your horse and ride back?” Elizabeth asked.

“I’ll be fine. I’m sure those pointers you gave me will get me back in one piece.”

“So that’s what the two of you were doing when I rode up. Giving pointers?” Cristoff asked, grinning.

“Such a bad boy,” Elizabeth said.

“My wife thinks the same thing. Come on. I’ll lead you two back to the stables.”

The ride back to the house was rough, and even with Elizabeth’s advice, I still struggled. I wanted as far away from those horses and that forest as I could get. I walked my way back up to the house, leaving Elizabeth to talk with Cristoff. The two of them seemed to hit it off just fine, and it was obvious another day would go by without getting any damn work done. I needed distance. Space. Time to breathe and recollect and talk to Justin. I was in foreign waters and had no idea what to do, but I wasn’t admitting that to simply anyone.

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