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“You owe me a new outfit. You know that, right? Mine’s practically in tatters after that stunt you pulled.”

“I blame it on the poor instruction,” he said through his laughter.

“Poor instruction! I didn’t tell you to choke up on your reins, only to grab the stump in front of you.”

“Poor. Instruction,” he said, grinning.

“Look at this. Just look at these holes.”

I turned around as the wind kicked up around us, shivering the exposed skin.

“I promise I’ll buy you an entire warehouse of clothes for rescuing me the way you did. Cristoff was less than impressed with my horse skills.”

“I don’t think anyone could’ve been impressed with those,” I said as I turned back around.

“I’ll get you a new outfit.”

“Don’t worry. Now that I think about it, watching you freak out the way you did was kind of reward enough.”

His hand reached out and playfully shoved me as a boyish grin crossed his cheeks. I reached out and shoved him back, smiling as another bout of laughter fell from his lips. He reached out with his hand and pushed me again, and I returned the action in kind.

Then, then two of us were running around, playing a personal game of tag.

I’d slap him and he’d touch me. We’d change direction and whip around the trees while the horses drank. The two of us were pouring with sweat, and our stomachs ached with laughter. And the second I felt his hand fall between my shoulder blades, I whipped around to tag him right back.

Only that time, his hands fell to my waist and pulled me close to his body.

“You’re it,” he said, sweat dripping down his brow.

“Then you should let me go so I can chase after you,” I said breathlessly.

My eyes fluttered up to his, watching the droplets of sweat dribble down his skin. His eyes fell to my lips as his hands slid from my hips to the small of my back. My hands pressed into his chest. I felt his heart beating rapidly against my palm. His fingertips kneaded the dip in my back as his breath pulsed against my lips.

“Phillip,” I said with a whisper.


“You said we shouldn’t—”

And before I could get the statement out he had used just the night before, his lips crashed into mine. His arms cloaked my back as I fell into the tree. His leg pressed between mine. His knee ground against my pussy. His tongue pushed its way through my lips as I melted into his embrace, fisting his clothes and drawing him even closer.

My entire world lit up as colors burst at the forefront of my mind. And I prayed to anything listening around me that it didn’t stop.

That he wouldn’t stop.

Chapter 15


I couldn’t stop kissing her. The closer she got and the tighter my grip clung, the more perfect she became. She bent to me. Molded to me. Her curves flooded the divots of my body in ways I’d never experienced before. Our tongues collided, and explosions sounded in the distance. My entire body came alive at the touch of her lips. Not just my cock. Not just my urges. Not just the incessant need to be inside her pussy. But my mind. My heart. The surge of fire that dilated my veins and sent the hairs on my arms standing up.

Elizabeth ignited something within me, and I couldn’t resist her any longer.

We fell into the tree, her hands fisting my shirt. I tasted her desperation for me, her need to have me closer, to have more of me. And the more time I spent with this woman, the more I wanted her as well. It was driving me insane. From the peek at her thigh I got on the plane to feeling it underneath my palms in the garden, to experiencing their heat against me the night before, it was all too much. I was only so strong, and I couldn’t keep my walls up any longer.

My hands slid from around her body and fell to her legs. I slid them down their long length, as far as I could go. Her tongue tasted like heaven, and the way she moaned into my mouth made me feel powerful. Strong. Irresistible in ways I didn’t understand. Sure, women threw themselves at me, for my money. And even though Elizabeth was bought and paid for, there was a ravenous hunger behind the way her teeth clattered against mine that signaled something different.

Something other than a lust for the paycheck she’d be getting at the end of the week.

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