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Something smooth.

Something strong.

He sat me down onto the edge of the fountain as the water poured behind us. He knelt between my legs, his hands sliding up the bareness of my thighs. I cupped his cheeks, raked my fingers through his hair. His hands slid over my dress and wrapped around my lower back again, drawing me to the edge of the fountain’s seat. My lips swelled against his. I tasted the white wine still dancing on the tip of his tongue. My hands slid down the front of his body, taking in the lean, rippling muscles underneath his tailored suit.

I didn’t even try to hold back the shiver that wafted down my back.

I felt alive. Beautiful. Wanted, for the first time since my life had imploded. I allowed myself to fall into him. To collapse into his strength as his hands roamed my body. The command he had was fierce, so unlike the blushing boy that tried so hard to stay away from the big, bad call girl. His hand came up to fist my hair again and pulled my head back, exposing my neck so his lips could trace over my skin.

“Phillip. Don’t stop,” I whispered.

And for the first time in my career, I meant every syllable of that phrase.

Chapter 13


I knelt between those thick legs of hers and felt them wrap around me, around my body, pressing her delectable thighs into my muscles. Holy hell. She felt so good. The animal inside of me was clawing to be freed. My hands traveled up her bare thighs as our tongues danced, dueled, did battle inside of her lips. Higher my hands went, sliding, tracing, caressing. My fingertips sank into her excess, and I breathed in her fruity perfume. Electricity raced through my mind and stopped my heart. Her lips swelled against mine, and her tits arched into my chest, rising in a symphonic wave of unadulterated lust.

Elizabeth was everything I had denied myself, and my cock wanted to be set free.

I couldn’t get enough. My girth leaked against my boxers as my hips rolled into the air. She locked her legs around me, pulled me closer into her as my hands slid dangerously close to her heat. I was centimeters away, just a few short movements away from dipping my fingers into her swollen heat. Her hands raked through my hair, then slid my coat off my shoulders. Her fingers worked furiously, shaking as they undid every single button of my shirt.

And just as my fingertips touched the edge of her lacy panties, I stopped.

My lips pulled away from hers, and our foreheads connected. I breathed her in, all of her. I drank her in as my hands curled desperately into her thighs. My hands shook. My cock ached. My back seized up so I wouldn’t progress a second further. I fought myself. Threw myself into a battle between the chained beast inside and the prominent businessman I had to be. If I wasn’t careful, I’d fuck her right there in that damn garden.

If I wasn’t careful, I’d toss this contract out the window so I wouldn’t have to stop.

“We should get inside,” I said.

Elizabeth sighed, and I could’ve sworn disappointment laced her breath.

I dragged my hands away from her body and stood up. I turned my back to her and stuck my hand down my pants, sliding my cock around so it wouldn’t hurt so damn much. I smoothed my hands down my trousers and buttoned up my shirt, then slid my coat off and fluffed it out so it wouldn’t look so wrinkled. I turned around and slung it back over my shoulders, watching as Elizabeth fixed up her dress, pulling it down over those delicious legs of hers, and smoothed her hands through her hair.

Her cheeks were still tinted with a red I wanted to see all over her beautiful skin.

I reached for her hand, and my heart slammed against my chest when she took it. And as I led her through the maze and back toward the house, my mind jolted back to life. What the hell had I been thinking? I knew better than that. I’d almost given in to the temptation of her and blown all of the hard work Justin and I had used to gear up for the better part of a year. I had no time for romance. Not with something this big on the line. That didn’t even take into account the fact that all of this was fake. That the second this week was over, she would go on to her next client and I would go back to my penthouse apartment and sink myself into more work. More contracts. More progression forward.

I led her through the back door and past the dining room table. Not a soul was in sight, and it reminded me of the bullshit Cristoff had pulled to get us outside and alone with each other. I didn’t know what the hell that man was up to, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t be the last time I was swindled into being alone with Elizabeth. Which meant I needed to practice denying her. I led her up the stairs silently before the two of us poured into the bedroom, and as I shut the door behind us, I drew in a deep breath.

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