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My legs bumped against a chair, and I fell straight into it, giving her the moment she needed to slip into my lap. To straddle me with those long legs of hers. To feel her barely clothed pussy fall against my rock-hard cock. I knew she could feel it, pressing against her. Leaking for her. And the way she looked at me, it slammed my heart against my chest. My hands migrated to her hips. I felt her excess underneath my fingertips.

She leaned her lips into my ear, and I groaned, an audible sound that made my hips roll into hers. Her arms slid around my neck, and my eyes fluttered closed. I felt myself losing control. I felt myself caving to her. My hands gripped the arms of the chair as her lips danced along the shell of my ear; then that seductive voice of hers filled the caverns of my mind.

“We can keep pretending we’re engaged, and you can take me to your bed. That is what engaged couples do, right?”

I gripped my hands harder into the arms of the chair to keep from fisting her hair. To keep from ripping her back before crashing her lips down onto mine. Elizabeth sat up before her eyes locked with mine again. She undid the bow on her robe and began to slide it off her body. Inches. I was inches away of seeing the body that drove my mind insane. But I caught the fabric before it exposed her. Before it put her in a position where I wouldn’t stop until I’d heard her scream for mercy.

“No,” I said plainly.

I saw the confusion on her face as my hands dipped to her waist. I gripped her tightly, committing every last moment of it to memory. I lifted her from my lap and settled her onto my feet, then promptly made my way to my bedroom. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take advantage of something like that. She’d saved me from a near-disaster at dinner because I wasn’t paying attention to the damn table in front of me, and I knew if I tasted her, I’d never stop. I knew if I slid my cock into her body, we’d never leave the damn bed. I knew if I felt her writhing against my body and calling out my name, I’d smother whatever deal I had with Cristoff just to squeeze one more second out of her before I had to turn her back over.

I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t jeopardize all I’d worked for simply because my body couldn’t calm the hell down.

I woke up the next morning and wondered if it had been a dream. Maybe none of that had happened. Maybe the beautiful woman down the hallway hadn’t thrown herself at me and I hadn’t been stupid enough to deny her. But the way my cock ached against my body signaled to me otherwise. I slid out of bed, groaning as I walked to the shower. My legs physically hurt, and my balls throbbed in anger. I took a very cold shower. I wasn’t going to relieve myself before church. That felt wrong. Dirty. Dangerous. But the last thing I needed was a fucking erection while a pastor talked about Jesus.

I escorted Elizabeth to the car Cristoff sent for us, and we met him outside. The church was ancient, and I couldn’t let go of the inherent irony of Elizabeth being a call girl while sitting and listening to a sermon. But despite all that, she knew what to do. When to stand. When to sit. What to say in response to the pastor. She didn’t even have to look in the hymn book to know the words and tunes to the songs sung that morning.

“You really are full of surprises, Miss Elizabeth,” Cristoff said.

That made two of us who believed that.

“I grew up in church. Father attended with us every Sunday morning, and Mother was in charge of Wednesday evenings.”

“Then you come from a sound family, Miss Elizabeth. Everyone needs a bit of spiritual guidance every now and again. I wouldn’t be the wealthy, prominent man I am today had it not been for God’s guidance.”

Holy hell, this man was pompous.

“Thank you again for inviting us to church. But don’t be surprised if you see me this Wednesday evening. It was a beautiful service, and I wouldn’t be opposed to taking in another one. Would you, Phillip?”

“Not at all, my love,” I said with a grin.

“Well, the two of you won’t be making it to Wednesday night mass because the two of you will be joining me at my estate,” Cristoff said.

“Oh? I wasn’t aware of such plans,” Elizabeth said.

“Because I just now tossed it out there. I think it’s a place the two of you will love. And I would enjoy having you as my guests for the week. I insist,” Cristoff said.

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