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But I didn’t want to back away. We needed to put on a good show.

At least, that was the reason I gave myself.

“You did great tonight,” I said into his ear.

He turned his face toward mine as the two of us headed out the front double doors.

“I could say the same about you,” he said.

He escorted me into the car before he wrapped around and got in. But he sat farther away from me than I figured he would. I knew he wanted me. It was painfully obvious by the way he stared at me and constantly shifted his pants. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind sleeping with him as a client. He was attractive. Intelligent. Just a dash of awkward. Very headstrong. And his body in a suit called to me in ways I attempted to bat away from me all evening long. I enjoyed being around him, more than I usually did with my clients, and I thought that sleeping with him might be a fun way to pass the rest of the evening before ushering us into church.

After all, what better ruse was there for an engaged couple than to go to church a little worse for wear?

I attempted to slide a little closer to him, but he scooted farther away. Despite the bulge growing against his pants, he was eager to get away from me. So I didn’t press it. I didn’t want to upset him in any way. And the last thing I needed was to blow this for Rhonda. She would fire me in a heartbeat, and I would be back at square one with trying to find a job with my necessary need for anonymity.

But the tension in the car was too much for me.

The way his eyes darted over to me. The way he drew in deep breaths through his nose. The way that flush crept up into his cheeks. He was physically fighting it, and I didn’t know why. I was here to serve him. To please him. To help him pull this off. And part of my résumé was to give him what he wanted—sexually or otherwise. So, why was Phillip fighting it so much? Why not simply take what he wanted? He had no issues almost destroying his chances at landing whatever contract he was fishing for, but he had issues sitting close to me?

I wasn’t buying it.

We got back to the hotel, and he stepped away from me the second we got into the elevator. And in some respects, it made me feel ugly. As if I was the exact opposite of what he wanted to be seen with in public. But the way he cleared his throat and the way he stood with his legs a little farther apart told me otherwise.

“If you don’t want to fight it, then don’t,” I said.

His eyes whipped over to mine as a grin slid across my cheeks.

“I’m yours for the week. And what we do doesn’t have to all be pretend,” I said.

I felt his eyes scoot down my form as the elevator doors opened into the penthouse suite. I walked into the room and paid attention to the way my heels clicked against the floor. That was the only hint I knew to drop. The only thing I knew to say that would get his attention and let him know that I was open to the idea of it. He didn’t specify anything in that arena on the paperwork, but now that I had been around him, I got the distinct feeling that the subject embarrassed him. Maybe he didn’t want to designate anything like that because he simply wasn’t that type of man. Maybe Phillip Chambers wasn’t the kind of man to require that of a woman, even if he was paying for her services.

So, I figured I’d got ahead and throw my consent out there for him to chew on.

After all, the worst he could say was no.

Chapter 9


I wasn’t sure if I had heard her right. As I watched her walk down the hallway to her bedroom, I felt my cock grow to heights it never had before. I shuffled out of the elevator before it closed on me and walked over to the hallway. I peeked down it just in time to watch the rest of her angelic white dress flow into her room before she closed the door behind her.

Did she just say I could... have her?

I stood at the end of the hallway and watched as her door reopened. Elizabeth stepped into the hallway clad in nothing but that fluffy robe of hers, and my eyes trailed down her long legs. She still had her heels on. Those white heels and that white robe with those crimson red lips. Her eyes locked on to mine as she stalked toward me, her hips swaying with every step she took. Holy hell, the woman was gorgeous. I watched her slip bobby pins from her hair, letting down curls and waves with each one she tossed to the floor. I backed away from her, watching her every move as she moved closer and closer toward me.

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