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Over and over, interchanging and driving her wild. My cock. My tongue. My fingers. Each one different than the last. I saw myself slamming into her pussy, inching my way into her asshole. Sliding between those pillowy lips of hers that were still clad in a crimson shade of red that made my balls hang low with want. I licked my lips and stroked my cock. I squeezed it as I imagined myself tossing her legs over my shoulders. I’d pin Elizabeth’s wrists above her head and pound into her, listening to our sounds of wetness as she arched into me, pressing her tits into my face. She’d explode on me as her juices sprayed from her pussy and soaked my skin...

“Fucking... hell... shit.”

My legs pulled taut, and my balls pulled up into my body. I felt Elizabeth’s lips against mine as her sighs and giggles of pleasure filled my ears. I fucked my hand, shooting thick threads of cum against the shower wall.

And even as I sank to my knees, heaving for air, my mind still lingered.

What I wouldn’t give to trace my fingertips along the outline of her long legs. What I wouldn't give to lick her from head to toe, listening as she gasped my name. What I wouldn’t give to taste the sweetness of her juices on the tip of my tongue until she fisted my hair and drew me closer.

I sat on the bottom of the walk-in shower and caught my breath as my mind filled with images of her.

I cleaned myself up and got out of the shower, but my mind still wandered. Even as I sat down in my room and opened the blinds to work, all I could do was surf the internet. I clicked around and filled my mind with the newest updates in my industry. And of course, that name popped up the second I refreshed my news feed.

Samuel Vance.

A frown overtook my entire face, and suddenly Elizabeth was the furthest thing from my mind. It looked as if my nemesis had a sharp new startup that had become lucrative. I opened the article and scanned it, growing angrier by the second. Apparently, the German military had given him a very hefty contract for his work.

I wondered how much of my recycled tech was in Sam’s new software.

Anger bubbled in my veins. I closed my laptop and tossed it off to the side before I closed the blinds. I turned off the light and slid my naked body underneath the covers, figuring I could get some sleep. But all I did was toss and turn the entire rest of the evening. Jet lag. I hated jet lag. It always threw off my schedule for days. And by the time I got on a decent schedule, it was always time to go home and deal with it again.

At least, I blamed it on jet lag.

For all I knew, my sleeplessness could be because of the wildly sexy woman beyond my bedroom door.

Chapter 6


After falling asleep last night with a full stomach right there on the couch, I woke up to the afternoon sun of Vienna streaming through the window. I got up and went to take a look, marveling at the beauty of the view. It hadn’t changed one bit. The surroundings and the colors of the penthouse had changed, but not that. Not the beautiful skyline of the city I loved so dearly.

I drew in a deep breath before I turned to Phillip’s door. How long was he going to sleep? I made my way into my room and changed into something more appropriate: slim-fitting jeans and a silk blouse. I fixed up my hair and applied a bit of makeup, then glanced at the clock. It was two in the afternoon. Surely Phillip would be up soon.

But as the hours ticked by, not a sound came from his room.

The penthouse was gorgeous, but I was itching to see the city. Experience the food. Walk among the kindest people I’d ever come into contact with. But I was sort of stuck until my client woke up. I was here on his dime, after all. It wasn’t like I could simply leave and explore of my own volition. Taking him on as a client meant I was there to await his pleasure. Abide by his rules. Play by his game, sensual or otherwise.

I stood at the window and looked out among the bustling city as my mind wandered.

What kind of lover would a man like Phillip be? Obviously a quiet one. Was he wild? Voracious? Kinky? Would he be the one-minute kind of man most men were? The three men I’d engaged with at the beginning of my career had been the easiest men to please. A little tweak there, a little nibble on the neck. A few good pumps and they were slumping over me as if they’d run a marathon. Even the few men I had been with outside of my career were that way. I sincerely hoped a handsome man like Phillip wasn’t that type of lover.

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