Miracle Under the Mistletoe - Page 48

The bed was empty when she reached the bedroom. Molly put the tray on the bedside table, feeling her unease mounting when she heard the shower running again. Why was Sean taking another shower if they were planning to spend the day in bed? When he appeared, fully dressed, she knew that she was right to feel concerned. He was leaving and that didn’t bode well, did it?

‘Help yourself.’ She gestured towards the tray, hoping that he couldn’t tell how anxious she felt. It had to be his decision to stay or to go, although it was hard to take such a balanced view.

‘It all looks delicious but just coffee for me. Thank you.’ He picked up the pot and poured himself a mug of coffee although he made no attempt to drink it.

‘Not hungry?’ she said lightly, spooning some fruit into a bowl purely for something to do as she doubted if she would be able to eat it when her stomach was churning with nerves.

‘Not really.’ He took a deep breath and Molly’s heart seemed to scrunch up inside her as she waited to hear what he had to say, although she already suspected that it wasn’t going to be good news.

‘I can’t stay, Molly. I’m sorry but there’s something I need to do.’

‘I see,’ she said flatly, leaving it up to him to tell her what was so important that it couldn’t wait.

‘Yes.’ He put his cup back on the tray and reached for her hands. ‘I need to speak to Claire’s parents, and to my parents, as well, come to that. It’s time I told them what really happened the night Claire died.’ He squeezed her fingers. ‘Then I can put it all behind me.’

‘If that’s what you want, Sean,’ she said, her heart racing with a mixture of fear and excitement. Maybe she was presuming too much but the only reason she could think of why Sean would do such a thing was because of her. Because of them.

‘It is.’ He bent and kissed her gently on the lips. ‘It’s what I want more than anything, although I am not looking forward to telling everyone the truth. I know how upset they’re going to be.’

The sadness in his eyes was so painful to see. Molly wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. ‘Are you sure you want to do it today?’ she asked quietly. ‘I mean, it’s Christmas Day and it might make it all the harder for them.’

‘Do you think so?’ He shook his head. ‘I certainly don’t want to make it any worse than it has to be for Claire’s parents, so do you think I should leave it until tomorrow to go and see them?’

‘It’s up to you, of course, but it might be easier.’ Molly bit her lip, wondering if she was wrong to interfere. It was Sean’s decision, after all, but she couldn’t bear to think of him piling stress onto stress unnecessarily.

‘I think you’re right. Christmas Day will be tough enough for them without me showing up and telling them this.’ He made a deliberate attempt to lighten the mood, smiling as he glanced at the breakfast tray. ‘In which case, I can sample the delights on offer.’

‘Food delights, do you mean? Or some other kind?’ Molly said, determined to play her part. Maybe it was only putting off the moment until he left her but it would be so good to have this day together, something to remember if things didn’t work out as she hoped and prayed they would. She put that dispiriting thought out of her mind as Sean reached for her.

‘Both. Although maybe we should start with the other delights and carry on from there.’

His mouth was hungry as he kissed her—hungry for her, not for the food that was on offer. Molly kissed him back, showing him through actions rather than words how she felt, how much she loved and needed him. They made love all over again and there was such intensity to their lovemaking that they both cried. Molly kissed away his tears and then he kissed away hers too before they settled down to eat their breakfast. The eggs Benedict were cold and the coffee lukewarm but it didn’t matter; it still tasted like manna from heaven because they ate it together, sitting side by side on her bed. Molly prayed with all her heart that there would be other occasions like this in the future but she knew nothing was guaranteed. Until Sean had spoken to everyone then she couldn’t be certain that they even had a future.

* * *

It was the one black spot in an otherwise wonderful day. After breakfast they went for a long walk down by the river, holding hands and simply enjoying being together. There were quite a lot of people about—parents helping their offspring to ride their brand new bikes, other couples walking hand in hand like they were doing. Everyone was making the most of Christmas Day, it seemed, and it felt good to be a part of it.

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