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Sean tried to put that thought out of his mind but, typically, it seemed that Humphreys was never out of the department. Every time he turned round, he spotted Molly and Humphreys chatting to one another. Fair enough, most of their conversation was related to their patients but Sean could feel his irritation rising each time he came across them. Surely the guy could tell that he needed to give Molly some breathing space rather than...than bombard her this way! He did his best to ignore them but when he happened to overhear Humphreys inviting her out for dinner that coming Friday, he finally flipped. No way was Molly spending the evening with Humphreys. Not while there was any breath left in his body!

‘I hate to butt in, guys, but you already have plans for Friday, Molly.’ He smiled as Molly turned to him in surprise. ‘It’s Bert and Doris’s wedding reception—remember?’

‘I’m sure they aren’t really expecting us to go,’ Molly said shortly, glaring at him. ‘They probably only asked us for politeness’ sake.’

‘Not at all.’ Sean held his smile although the way Molly was glowering at him would have made a less determined man waver. ‘In fact, Bert assured me that they’re both looking forward to seeing us there.’

It was only the smallest distortion of the truth but Sean crossed his fingers anyway. Bert had said that he and Doris would be delighted to see them when he had issued the invitation but he had no intention of explaining that to Molly.

‘When did you speak to him?’ Molly demanded.

‘Oh, I’m not sure—a few days ago,’ Sean replied, crossing the fingers on his other hand as well. ‘It doesn’t really matter, does it? I mean I’d hate to disappoint them, wouldn’t you?’ He turned to Humphreys and grimaced. ‘Sorry to scupper your plans, and all that. But it’s important to keep a promise, don’t you agree?’

‘I...erm... Yes, of course.’ Adam Humphreys both looked and sounded decidedly put out but Sean didn’t care.

Sean turned to Molly, smiling winningly at her.

‘We’ll sort out the time nearer to the day. At least I won’t have to drive very far to pick you up.’ He laughed. ‘I’m moving into the cottage this week so we’ll be living just around the corner from each other very soon.’

He didn’t say anything else as he went to fetch his next patient; however, he could tell that Molly was seething about the way he had railroaded her into falling in with his plans. Tough luck, he thought, as he headed to Reception. Although Humphreys might appear perfect on paper, he wasn’t right for Molly. He was convinced about that—

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

Sean stopped dead when Molly came hurrying after him. That she was furiously angry was obvious and he experienced a momentary qualm. Maybe he shouldn’t have interfered like that but the thought of her and Humphreys getting cosy was more than he could swallow. He adopted an expression of bewilderment as he turned to face her.

‘I’m sorry...?’

‘Don’t give me that!’ She put her hands on her hips and glared at him. ‘You know exactly what you’ve done. You, quite deliberately too, came up with that to stop me going out with Adam, didn’t you?’

‘I merely reminded you that you had a previous engagement,’ Sean replied in his most ingenuous tone. He shrugged. ‘I’m sure you don’t want to disappoint Bert and Doris, do you?’

‘No. But that’s not the point, is it?’

‘Isn’t it? So why do you imagine I butted in to your conversation like that?’ he said evenly although his heart was thumping. Did he really want Molly to guess just how much he hated the thought of her dating Humphreys when it would give rise to so many awkward questions?

‘I have no idea,’ she began and then stopped abruptly when a middle-aged man came hurrying in through the main doors. ‘Oh, that’s Joyce’s husband—Ted. He’s going to be devastated when he finds out what’s happened to her.’

‘Take him into the relatives’ room and we’ll talk to him in there,’ Sean said quickly, hating himself for feeling so relieved at the interruption. ‘Once we’ve explained what’s happened then maybe you can take him up to Recovery. Joyce should be finished in Theatre soon and I’m sure he will want to see her.’

‘What if she didn’t make it?’ Molly said with a catch in her voice.

‘Then we would have heard by now.’ He reached over and squeezed her hand. ‘I left a message with the theatre sister to phone us if anything happened.’

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