Burn Me Once - Page 42

But tonight he is also Ethan Ash, superstar rock god, and I am his.

I press my fingers into his hips and he rolls low, reaching deep inside me. His fingers run over my bare chest, finding my breasts, holding them, cupping them, and his fingers flick my nipples. I cry out; he smiles.

He drops his mouth, taking one with his tongue, kissing it, rolling it, teasing it. I am panting with pleasure just beyond my reach. He thrusts hard at the same time as his mouth clamps down on my nipple and I am done. I cry out as I begin to fall apart and yet he doesn’t stop. Even as my body explodes at its zenith of ecstasy he is driving me to new heights of awareness and need, to new pleasures and sensations.

I dig my heels into the bed and push up, keeping us close, connected, making sure he stays right where I need him. But Ethan is the master of my body. He knows without being told. He is still when I need him to be, knowing that I’m at my limit, and he watches me.

I watch him back.

He does not need to ask me to look into his eyes this time. I cannot look away. I don’t want to. I am helpless, though. In the depths of his eyes there is something that calls to me, and I answer it without even knowing what it is.

I answer it with all of me. Every single piece of me is like a puzzle and it slides into place.

He thrusts again and I moan, riding the wave he is creating, being pulled under by it. His hands lift higher, finding my hair, and he runs his fingers through its length, worshipping it as his body owns mine.

He moves faster and brings his mouth to mine, kissing me hard, pushing my head as his hands thread through my hair and his body controls mine. I cry out into his mouth as my orgasm explodes and he answers with his own throaty oath, pushing himself into me and tipping us both over the edge. His body shakes on top of mine and I brace him with my legs, wrapping them around his waist, kissing him even as we are both disintegrating.

My heart.

My heart is all I am aware of.

It is thumping heavily, hard and fast, demanding I listen to it. I am, but I don’t know what it is saying.

I know only that I have never, ever, in all my life, known the pleasure that Ethan Ash can create.

It is wrapping around me, tighter than rope, holding me prisoner, making me ache and fly all at the same time.

He shifts a little. Our eyes lock. I smile.

All of me smiles.

From the inside out.


‘Hey.’ It’s a gravelled admission.

‘How was your concert?’

His eyes roam my face with a lazy interest that turns me on in different ways. His confidence is a thing of beauty, because it is natural and so different from egotism. I have learned the difference—before Jeremy I thought they were one and the same thing.


‘You’ve taken over the Twitterverse.’

He arches a thick, dark brow. ‘Yeah?’

‘Uh-huh. You’re a top-trending hashtag.’

His face flashes with something I don’t recognise. ‘That’s normal.’

I laugh. ‘For you, maybe.’

‘For anyone performing at the Garden.’

His finger finds my breast and he traces a circle around my nipple, making my breath husky. I watch him watch me and my hunger intensifies. My need for him is unending.

‘Tell me something...’ I murmur.


His grin flips my stomach.

My smile is just a whisper on my lips. He swaps his hand to my other breast and I breathe in sharply.

‘You were saying...?’ he prompts.

‘I forget.’

He laughs and removes his hand. I make a noise of complaint and reach for his wrist, dragging him back. I like it when he touches me. No, I love it. I love everything about being with him.

Wait. Where the hell did that come from?

I love fucking him. That’s it.

Goosebumps run over my flesh.

I flip up onto my side but he keeps his hand where it is. For a moment. Then he drags it down my side, resting it on my hip. For a moment. Before yanking me closer, so our bodies are touching. I feel his hardness against me and my eyes flicker half-shut.

‘If you hadn’t become a world-famous superstar—’

‘As opposed to one of the non-famous superstars?’ he interrupts with a lazy grin.

‘Right.’ I nod importantly. ‘If you hadn’t become a world-famous, super-interrupting superstar, what would you have been?’

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