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In less than a minute, Jett was lifting my little black dress, lowering my panties and caressing the cheeks of my ass. I gripped the metal bar harder as he moved a hand between my thighs.

The first stroke of his fingers over the sensitive flesh of my pussy nearly made my legs give. “Oh, God. Jett, please don’t tease me,” I gasped.

“I’ll show you as much mercy as you had for me, sweetheart,” he answered, his voice heavy with need.

I knew I was going to pay for poking the beast, but I didn’t care.

I gasped as Jett tormented my clit, his rhythmic strokes strong, and without his usual finesse.

When he impaled me with his cock, I arched my back with satisfaction and pressed back against him.

Both of us were raw and hungry, desperate to get what we needed. And anything except giving each other everything wasn’t going to satisfy us.

Our joining was frantic and chaotic. It felt strange to be completely dressed, but so intimately connected.

I was so submerged in satiating the need that was clawing at me relentlessly that I didn’t notice anything except the feel of Jett surging forward and filling me over and over again.

Jett’s tight grip on my hips was the only thing that kept me grounded as he pummeled into me.

“Come for me, Ruby,” he demanded. “I’m not going to be able to hold back.”

I could sense his tension, and I knew everything was way too intense and urgent this time. Without thinking about what to do, I acted on instinct, lifting my hand and putting it between my legs to rub the tiny bundle of nerves that I knew would set me off.

“Hell, yes. Help me this time, baby,” Jett growled.

My fingers slid into my warmth and wetness that felt like silk, and I felt my climax rushing up to meet me almost immediately.

“Jett,” I screamed, slightly terrified by the magnitude of the force rushing up to meet me as my orgasm hit me hard.

I grabbed onto the bar again with both hands as I rode a wave of pleasure that was ferociously taking my body over.

“Ruby!” I heard him groan as he held onto my hips and buried his cock one more time.

I would have collapsed if Jett hadn’t been there with a pair of strong arms that held me tight as I milked him to his own heated release.

I couldn’t move as I tried to recover my breath, and my body was still trembling as Jett cleaned me up, presumably with his own handkerchief, and then pulled my panties back onto my ass.

My theory was confirmed when he turned me around just in time to see him slide the hankie back into his pocket.

I stepped forward as his arms wrapped around me, and my head dropped to his shoulder.

“I can’t believe we just had a quickie on a playground like a couple of horny teenagers,” Jett said hoarsely as he nuzzled my neck.

I smiled at his words. “Are you complaining?” I asked. “I know I’m not.”

“I’m not exactly complaining, but I don’t think I’m always comfortable with the way I feel about you. You make me crazy,” he confided.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, letting him know that I felt exactly the same way.


“They look so happy,” I said to Jett as we watched the bride and groom share a dance.

I’d talked Jett into going back to the reception. There was no way I wanted him to leave when he was the best man, and the bride was his sister. Not because of me.

My body was still singing after our activities in the dark, and my heart was so full of love that I could hardly breathe.

I’d briefly wondered if anybody had seen us, but it would have been difficult since we’d been so far away and there was very little light. But even if they had, I couldn’t regret it. And I’d noticed that Jett had positioned our bodies so his back was to the resort. Even when we got crazy, he was always protecting me.

“Marcus has no idea what he just signed up for,” Mason said from his position next to us at the table.

“None,” Jett agreed.

“Dani’s a wonderful woman,” I told Jett as I slapped him playfully on the shoulder. “Marcus is a lucky guy.”

“She’s a handful,” Mason observed. “You have no idea how much trouble she got herself into when she was a kid.”

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