Billionaire Unloved - Page 74

“Nope. They hated each other. But I think they fought because they didn’t quite know what to make of the way they felt. Marcus and Dani are complete opposites, so on the surface, they don’t make sense at all. My best friend was a workaholic. He kind of reminds me of Mason. And Dani was a crazy risk-taker who rarely thought much about her safety.”

“Opposites attract?”

“In their case, yes. But it took a long time for those two hardheads to figure everything out.”

“I’m glad she’s going to be happy.”

“I’m glad she and Harper have figured out where they belong,” he added.

“Maybe you can all have a relationship now?” I hinted.

“Hell, Harper and Dani have already worked out a schedule to get us together during the year, so we’ll see them a lot.”

“I’m glad,” I said. “I really like both of them.”

“They like you, too,” he shared, and then went silent for a moment before he added, “My brothers will probably be more complicated.”

“I’m sure they will,” I agreed. How could things not be complicated when your brother slept with the woman you planned on marrying?

Honestly, I doubted I could ever like Carter, but he was Jett’s brother, so whatever happened was his decision to make.

He didn’t offer anything more, so I polished off my cake and said, “I better get back to work. This masterpiece needs to be done today.”

The wedding was taking place in the afternoon tomorrow, and the reception was following here at the resort.

“Hey,” Jett said as he caught my arm.

I turned to look at him, and saw the sadness in his eyes. I waited for him to speak. There was obviously bad blood between the two younger brothers, but Jett hadn’t gone beyond just telling me that Lisette and Carter had been intimate.

“There’s some things I’m just not ready to talk about. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I need to work it out for myself first.”

I moved forward and put my arms around his neck. “You don’t ever have to explain yourself to me,” I told him. “Just know that I’ll be here when you want to talk.”

He wrapped a powerful arm around my waist and kissed me until I was just a little dizzy with delight when he let me go and gave me a playful smack on the ass.

“Back to work, woman. I want to take you home,” he said in a wicked voice that I’d come to love so much.

“Then I’m all over getting this job done,” I squeaked.

“I’d much rather you be all over me,” he said huskily.

I finished the cake quicker than I’d planned. I was anticipating a very good night.


The wedding ceremony for Marcus Colter and Danica Lawson was probably the most beautiful thing I’d ever experienced.

They’d made their own vows, breaking away from traditions, but the pastor still officiated the ceremony. It was unique, just like the two people getting married.

I looked down at the cake that had been carefully brought into the ballroom of the resort where the reception was now in full swing. I rearranged a few things that really didn’t require moving, wanting everything to look perfect for the couple who’d be here soon to cut it.

Jett had gone off to find Mason, who had been a late arrival right before the wedding had started. So I was just admiring the gorgeous venue and all the people who were there in the room.

The cake was officially ready, and I was proud of how it had turned out.

My hand went up to grasp my necklace, just like it had about a hundred times during the afternoon. Then it moved to my earrings, checking them before I dropped my hand again.

I knew I had to relax about the value of the sapphire set of jewelry I was wearing, a gift that Jett had just given me before we’d left for the wedding. But it was hard when I knew they were probably worth a small fortune.

Not that I didn’t love the necklace and earrings dripping with sapphires. Jett had chosen them because they were my birthstone, but it was slightly nerve-racking to be wearing something that probably was worth more than the BMW Jett had purchased for me.

Relax and pretend they’re fake.

In theory, it was a good idea. But my brain couldn’t seem to forget they were very, very real.