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Honestly, I was absolutely no help to them because I didn’t even know what it was like to have a real family, and I was an only child.

But it didn’t keep me from hurting right along with the three of them because they’d all lost something they cared about so much.

Jett needed this, even though I knew it wasn’t easy for him to confront. His accident had brought about a lot of challenges and sadness for him. I sensed that he needed closure on some things to be completely whole again.

Since he’d gone back to his office, I’d watched his self-confidence rise, and he seemed pretty comfortable in his own skin—or maybe I should say his custom power suits.

Jett’s orthopedic doctor had finally given him clearance to return to all normal activities—of course he didn’t know that Jett already had. Jett knew he wasn’t ever going to run any marathons, but he seemed to accept his limitations better every day.

Jett rose to his feet as his sisters came barreling toward him from their chairs.

I brushed back a few tears as I watched his face as he caught each of his sisters with a powerful arm, holding them close with an expression of both relief and joy on his face.

Once they were all seated again, Dani said excitedly, “So catch us up on everything. When did you and Ruby realize that you wanted to be together?”

Jett answered. “Pretty much from the time she put me in the hospital,” he joked.

“What?” Dani said with alarm.

Jett held up a hand. “Long story, and both of us were okay. But it happened pretty quickly.”

I remained silent as he recounted the way we met, and what had happened afterward while we were in Miami.

“Why didn’t you tell Marcus?” Dani asked. “Or me?”

“Because I wasn’t ready,” Jett stated. “However much I wanted us to be together from the moment I saw her, Ruby had a lot of things to work out, and so did I.”

“A lot of it was me,” I informed them in a guilty voice. “I didn’t want to be a charity case to him. And I didn’t want him to assume that I just wanted his money.”

The women nodded their heads like they understood, while Jett grumbled, “I hate it when you say that, Ruby.”

“I know. But it’s true.”

“So how are you doing now?” Harper asked. “I can only imagine what it was like to be all alone on the streets. And you did it for years.”

“I’m doing good,” I answered them with a smile. “I’m in counseling, and I’m taking things one day at a time.”

“She’s doing great,” Jett corrected. “And she’s starting her own pastry business in Seattle that I’m already certain will be a success because I’m her personal taste tester,” he said playfully. “I’ve sampled the goods, and they’re honestly unlike anything I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, my God. Are you really a pastry chef?” Dani asked excitedly. “Mine just backed out on the cake and the desserts for the wedding, and we’re scrambling to find somebody. Marcus’s mom can help, but she can’t make the wedding cake. Can you do it for me?”

“Dani, I’ve never been professionally trained.”

“Does it matter if you’re great at what you do?” she questioned. “If Jett says you’re good, then I know you are. And we don’t exactly have somebody who can handle the job here in Rocky Springs. It’s a resort, not a wedding destination. Most of the businesses cater to tourists.”

“I just don’t want to disappoint you,” I confessed.

Really, I knew I could handle doing the cake. I think it was time for me to stop denying that I wasn’t capable of making things because I hadn’t had the schooling. I’d been under the tutelage of an incredible pastry chef for years, even though I’d been young at the time. And I’d soaked up everything she’d ever taught me and now I’d even added my own twist.

Maybe I didn’t know the business part of being a pastry chef, but I sure as hell could bake just about anything Dani wanted, even a huge wedding cake. My mother and I had done plenty of them.

“Please, Ruby,” Dani cajoled.

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